1285 Weston Rd
York, Ontario

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Canvas Cannabis is a prominent brand that brings the best of legal, recreational cannabis dispensaries to Toronto. With a commitment to delivering a warm and inviting boutique experience, Canvas Cannabis sets itself apart by providing a sophisticated and inclusive environment for its customers. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned user, Canvas Cannabis offers a diverse selection of cannabis flower, edibles, vaporizers, and CBD products, including CBD oils, carefully curated to meet everyone's needs. Since 2019, Canvas Cannabis has been rapidly expanding across the city, starting with its flagship store on Danforth Avenue in Toronto's Greektown neighborhood. As an independent female-owned business, Canvas Cannabis embodies empowerment, collaboration, and inclusivity, standing out in an industry dominated by large corporations. In addition to its exceptional products, Canvas Cannabis is deeply committed to giving back to the community through its Canvas Cares initiative. Through this program, the brand engages with local communities, supports charitable endeavors, and encourages neighborhood clean-up efforts. Embrace a personalized and sophisticated cannabis experience by visiting one of Canvas Cannabis' conveniently located dispensaries in Toronto or exploring their online store.


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1285 Weston Rd
York, Ontario

Phone: (416) 551-3065

Website: canvascannabis.ca

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