Content Marketing Best Practices For Your Cannabis Dispensary

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Content Marketing Best Practices For Your Cannabis Dispensary

Posted by Toker Grace on Oct 17, 2019 10:21:40 PM

The struggle is real for cannabis dispensary owners. Given the nature of the industry, dispensaries aren’t allowed the same advertisement opportunities that other more “conventional” businesses have. Getting the word out about your dispensary and your brand becomes an entirely new process.

Thanks to content marketing, however, those in the cannabis industry can build the reputation of their brand while reaching a wider audience, without the use of commercials or newspaper ads.

The key is knowing what works. Here are a few things to keep in mind when content marketing for your cannabis dispensary.

Topic Brainstorming and Generation

To make your content marketing for your dispensary successful, you will need to keep your end goal in mind. Taking care to assess the type of content that your customers will want to consume is vital. There is also something to be gained from going for a topic with less competition.

On the other hand, if you have a few topics in mind, produce content related to topics that you believe will get a higher level of engagement with your brand. This can be a unique reason why a consumer would pick your shop over a competitor or can be something that you think your customers would care to learn about.

For example, if you want to reach a wider audience of casual cannabis users, an article that explains the differences between popular cannabis strains might get more engagement than one that dives deep into hard science or which LED grow light is best.

Keyword Research

Keyword research plays a vital role in content marketing. By utilizing keywords to their full extent, you can increase brand recognition, create content that addresses your customer’s specific needs, and turn your brand into a niche hub of knowledge.

First, make sure to start with what you know. Think about what your brand represents and the reputation you are building for your cannabis dispensary. Are you a one-stop-shop for the average cannabis consumer? Or are do you specialize in producing CBD product for people who need it?

When you’ve got an idea, look towards adding modifying keywords. These add-on words will give you an edge over other content creation that might have more engagement than yours.

Link Here, There, Everywhere

Links are another useful tool for utilizing your brand value and creating successful content marketing campaigns.

Social media links are an excellent way to market your brand. Content marketing and social media practically go hand in hand. It is a popular hub that grants people access to information from all over the world, allowing you to reach the maximum number of users. It also provides a way for consumers to give valuable real-time feedback.

Linking to other sites and related content is another way to enhance the effectiveness of your content marketing campaign. It helps rank your content higher. That way, when people are searching for things specific to your brand, the content you created will appear higher on the list than others.

Creating Engagement Through Authenticity

Content marketing relies on creating engagement. If consumers aren’t engaged with what you are putting out there, it inhibits the growth of your brand.

Ensuring that the content you are creating assesses the needs of your target audience is an excellent place to start. Educational content will boost customer engagement, building a positive reputation for your dispensary because people will be faith in your brand. 

Authenticity is vital in successful content marketing, as well. Content that is honest and transparent will stand out in a sea of over-saturated, false advertisement.

Authenticity can be achieved through finding your voice, being consistent, staying relevant, and knowing your audience, and being respectful.

These are the best practices for content marketing. Adhere to the fundamentals, stay patient, and the content for your cannabis dispensary climb to the top of the ranks in no time!

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