Engaging Customers And Increasing Revenue For Your Cannabis Dispensary

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Engaging Customers And Increasing Revenue For Your Cannabis Dispensary

Posted by Toker Grace on Oct 17, 2019 11:08:10 PM

If your goal is building up your dispensary’s brand, customer engagement is essential to growth. Engaging your customers creates an emotional connection between your brand and them. When customer engagement is high, customers will buy and promote more.

Every market has its trends. For those involved in the cannabis industry, it’s essential to monitor these trends to get a leg up on your competition. Providing high-quality experiences for your customers is a critical component when it comes to building your brand and increasing revenue.

Customer engagement is a prominent element of success in any market. When people talk about your brand, interact with your products and services, or go out of their way to pay attention to what you offer, they are engaged. This is a crucial step towards increasing customer satisfaction and promoting retention.

Here are a few tips for engaging customers and increasing revenue for your cannabis dispensary.

Text Campaigns

Text message campaigns, when willingly opted into, are an excellent way to engage your customers. The most successful text campaigns are well-timed, short, unambiguous, and concise.

Conversational text messaging is a great, personal way to engage your customer base. Creating an automated text messaging campaign that includes prompts and promo codes will increase the chances that a customer will engage with what your dispensary is marketing.

Email Campaigns

Email campaigns are less effective than text messages, but they can still promote engagement and increase revenue.

When creating email campaigns, it is essential to include relevant content that relates to your dispensary’s brand message. One way to do this is with content that tells a story, providing a unique value to their online experience.

It is also important to use powerful subject lines. Most inboxes are constantly flooded with other promotional content, and when we are sifting through the rubbish, we will often skip over emails with dull subject lines. Coupon codes, cliffhangers, maybe even an open-ended question will all better utilize your dispensary’s subject lines, better appealing to readers and boosting customer engagement.

Social Media Engagement

A popular social media presence is practically necessary when it comes to marketing your cannabis product. A vast majority of the population uses social media, so the audience is already there. The goal is to curate a brand that reaches the right people at the right time.

Encourage customers to engage with your brand by responding quickly to their comments. Another good way to engage customers is by creating beautiful, easy-to-understand graphics. These graphics will help you stand out in someone’s crowded news feed.

Adding value to your brand by educating your customers is also an effective way to engage customers, resulting in more revenue. Another good way to increase customer engagement is to ask for it. Using instructional phrases such as “tag us” or “Which is your favorite?” will help customers respond in a quicky, easy way.

Referral/Loyalty Programs

These types of programs are vital to engaging customers. They focus on the customers you already have, increasing your opportunity to increase revenue by having them bring more business to your dispensary.

Referral programs and loyalty programs are similar in the way that they will reward customers for their engagement. In the case of a referral, customers are rewarded for bringing a friend in that becomes a new customer. For loyalty programs, customers are rewarded for their repeat business.

The reason these kinds of programs are essential is that it helps build your dispensary’s brand. With the streamlined nature of our current economy, customers are choosing to spend their money on brands that they know and trust.

Rewarding customers for placing faith in your brand goes a long way when trying to make it in the cannabis industry.

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