7 Best Practices to Boost your Business’ Email Marketing


7 Best Practices to Boost your Business’ Email Marketing

Posted by Toker Grace on Dec 9, 2019 1:18:45 PM

eReceipts are quickly becoming the best method to dispense receipts. As an added benefit, eReceipts provide a substantial marketing opportunity for businesses in the cannabis industry. As of 2019, digital receipts uphold approximately 80%  adoption rates with retailers.

Additionally, 70% of customers have reported that they would be more than willing to provide an email address to receive a digital receipt. At this rate, eReceipts show no sign of declining. Besides being eco-friendly, eReceipts are a robust engagement and marketing tool. To better optimize the eReceipt program implemented by your business, consider the following best practices:

  1) Implement Calls to Action and Targeted Marketing

It is a fact that transactional emails have one of the highest open rates in the email marketing game.

Moreover, digital receipts can yield up to an 80% open rate, making these types of emails extremely valuable for a business.  One way to maintain a high click-through rate is to implement calls to action as well as dynamically targeted marketing content. This will entice new members, while existing members should be updated on their current status within the loyalty program.

  2) Keep It Simple, Stupid (KISS) 

KISS is an acronym that stands for “Keep it simple, stupid.” This also holds true for email marketing. Always remember to keep subject lines and headers concise and engaging. Nobody likes their time wasted or to feel tricked into opening an email. Companies that provide a respectable layer of transparency will see the open rates and deliverability rates drastically increase.

  3) Make eReceipts Printer-Friendly

Although many consumers are straying away from increasing their carbon footprint, customers like choices. Consider making your eReceipts printer-friendly. There is still a respectable amount of customers who like to accumulate a record of their transactions the old-fashioned way. By providing customers with the open to print your receipt, it will present another vehicle of engagement with the customer. This can increase open rates dramatically.

  4) Immediately Follow up Transactions with eReceipts

Consumers have gotten in the habit of receiving a receipt after a purchase. This transactional ritual ought not to be neglected. Even if customers are electing to receive digital receipts, they are subconsciously programmed to engage with the receipt after a transaction, albeit physical or digital. By staying aligned with this consumer conditioning, customers are extremely more likely to open and engage with the eReceipt immediately following the transaction.

  5) Implement a Share Button

We are in the golden age of digital consumerism and social media marketing. The share button has overtaken the value associated with word of mouth. Consider implementing a share button into your digital receipt to encourage customers to share their purchases with their friends and social circles. Digit Influenceability is at an all-time high; people on social media pay close attention to those who share company marketing material as most of it is organic and unbiased. This, in turn, can increase the engagement of customers as well as put your business on the radar of social media associates of loyal customers.

  6) Train all Associates on the Ask

For any marketing arm of a business to be successful, every employee must be informed of the programs and campaigns. Specifically, employees should be trained on the most effective way to present the ask of enrolling customers in digital receipts and email marketing. Having a stellar loyalty program or email marketing campaign won’t work if the soldiers on the front lines do not understand the most efficient way of implementing the ask to the customers. Consider implementing a script upon check-out to engage customers.

  7) Thank You’s Go a Long Way

One of the most overlooked best practices that businesses are guilty of the implementation of gratitude. Not only should the associates convey feelings of professional gratitude for a consumer’s patronage, but a form of appreciation should exist within the eReceipt. By merely thanking a customer for their purchase, they gain comfort in knowing that the business they chose to spend their hard-earned dollars with is grateful for being their choice. 

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