Dispensaries Experiencing Increase In Delivery Sales

Dispensaries Experiencing Increase In Delivery Sales

Posted by Toker Grace on Mar 17, 2020 4:21:06 PM

COVID-19 is continuing to cause a frenzy within the masses across the globe, and consumers are stockpiling. People are stocking up on food, toiletries, and antibacterial products. Another product consumers have deemed a necessity upon the COVID-19 pandemic is cannabis. This is proven in the massive uptick in cannabis delivery sales amongst dispensaries.

Why Patients are Stockpiling Cannabis during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Patients and consumers alike are taking advantage of the delivery services offered by dispensaries. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, professional sports are halting games and attendance, restaurants and businesses are temporarily closing, and states are enforcing emergency protocols and curfews. Some of these hiatuses are scheduled to be in effect up until June. Moreover, with the CDC recommending self-quarantine procedures for those afflicted or not, individuals can be limited to their dwelling anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks. With all of this in mind, patients still need their cannabis, and recreational users need to pass the time now being on a biohazard-related furlough. COVID-19 ultimately has shown the cannabis industry as well as governments, just how much patients and consumers value cannabis as a whole.

The Figures of Cannabis Delivery Sales amongst COVID-19

A particular company known as Ganja Goddess, who specializes in the delivery of cannabis, has seen a 10% in cannabis delivery sales over the course of approximately the last month. CEO of Ganja Goddess Zach Pitts believed that patients were not buying cannabis due to “panic.” Still, we’re taking advantage of the increased availability of cannabis delivery in this time of mass isolation. Moreover, Pitts states that indulging in cannabis is a “great activity” to partake while at home and temporarily to be away from work.

Ganja Goddess is not the only cannabis delivery service seeing a spike in delivery sales. Another company, known as the Glass House Group who provides similar cannabis delivery services, has experienced a 5% in cannabis delivery sales in the last week. Unlike the CEO of Ganja Goddess, Glass House Group’s CEO believes the increase to be slightly due to the panicking nature of the masses amongst times such as these. If cannabis delivery were widely available during panics such as the Y2K and December 2012 scares, delivery sales would have been up then as well.

How Cannabis Delivery Drivers are Staying Safe during Covid-19 Pandemic

It is great for the cannabis industry that delivery sales are on the rise during a time that most industries are not legally allowed to operate. However, one thing that has concerned patients is the safety of the delivery drivers performing these tasks. If cannabis delivery sales are up, then there are naturally more deliveries. This opens the door to more potentially harmful interactions the cannabis driver has to endure with every single interaction. Since cannabis cannot be left at a doorstep similar to the Postmates and Grubhub response to COVID-19, the driver must directly interact with every patient, door handle, signature, etc. Rest assured, dispensaries have responded to the concern ensuring that all cannabis delivery drivers are taking the necessary precautions to keep the cannabis as well as themselves sterile.

Public Response to Cannabis Delivery during COVID-19 Outbreak

Some dispensaries are not experiencing an increase in cannabis delivery sales. In fact, some dispensaries are temporarily closing their doors due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This could be another reason why patients are getting their cannabis delivered via other services. In some locations, there are no ‘mandatory curfews,’ yielding people to go on about their day if they so choose. To find out your favorite dispensary is closed is bound to have patients suffering from ailments to continue their search to obtain the alleviating bud. Thank goodness for cannabis delivery services

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