Big Cannabis vs Craft Cannabis

States that have legalized the recreational use of cannabis appear to be all lemon haze and rainbows. However, this is not the case. In most states, there is a free market for the cannabis economy. Unfortunately, there has been a massive increase in the boom of cannabis businesses that are larger than life. Since their arrival, small cannabis businesses (or craft cannabis companies) have suffered greatly. Combine this notion with the current COVID-19 pandemic, these craft cannabis companies were fiscally damaged beyond return. Is there anything cannabis consumers can do to stop big cannabis’ reign of terror (as well as mediocre, mass-produced bud)?

What is Craft Cannabis?

Similar to that of craft beer, cheese, or a fine wine, cannabis can be eloquently crafted. Craft Cannabis is a universal term that refers to the delegate creation of exotic cannabis boasting high levels of cannabis potency. Craft Cannabis also hosts exploding terpene profiles that will tingle even the most sensitive of olfactory senses. Craft Cannabis is often a delicate blend of rare strains, superior cannabis genetics, and overall love to create the most enjoyable cannabis consumption experience possible.

How Craft Cannabis is Created

Craft Cannabis begins with seed selection. Only female seeds with the most dominant of cannabis genetics and terpene profiles are selected during this process. Experienced growers then nurture the boutique cannabis plants from the germination stage until the manicuring of the buds these rare strains produce. With this type of ‘seed-to-smoke’ or ‘bud-to-bowl’ mentality, veteran Horticulturalists can grow rare strains of cannabis with superb terpene profiles and genetics. However, by focusing on craft cannabis, rare strains of exotic cannabis boasting top-shelf terpene profiles and cannabis genetics can be crafted. When growers apply a high level of criticality to the many stages of growing cannabis, a superior yield is anticipated. This means that the growth needs to be as immersive as possible. Seed selection, soil selection, stage lighting, square feet of the grow area, temperature, drying and many other important areas of cannabis cultivation have to executed with surgical precision. Only through these means can Craft Cannabis be created.

Understanding Big Cannabis

Similar to that of any retail product, cannabis can be crafted delicately or mass-produced. The latter is bound to yield buds that are of lower quality due to the lack of TLC for the plant during its several stages of life. This process is how low-grade cannabis, commonly known as ‘Reggie,’ ‘regular,’ and ‘schwag’ is created. Moreover, these are often the products of cannabis companies that are larger-than-life. Most consumers refer to these companies as ‘big cannabis.’ 

How Big Cannabis Blights the Market

Big cannabis companies can be quite the plague in the cannabis industry.  Big cannabis is known for lowering prices in Wal-mart fashion to choke out the competition. These companies can afford the costs associated with mass production and ofter buds at a significantly lower price than their competitors. However, most of their competitors are small businesses operating at a completely different pace. As time progresses, small cannabis companies simply cannot compete with canna-giants of that size.

How Consumers Can Help Battle Big Cannabis

The easiest way consumers can assist in the battle against big cannabis companies is by supporting their local, craft cannabis companies. Consumers must fight these types of corporations in the same fashion as the retail economy. Big cannabis will not suffer until we take back our bucks and pick up better buds a la craft cannabis. Let’s face it: the cannabis provided by smaller companies is crafted better. This may make them a bit more expensive, but it will surely be worth it.

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