5 Songs every Stoner should Know

Cannabis Tunes:

One of the most beloved combinations is that of cannabis and music. The two go well together better than peanut butter and jelly. Since, well, forever, musicians have subtly and even blatantly made cannabis the focal points of their songs and even entire albums. Here are a few cannabis tunes every toker should listen to at least once. 

“Get Lit”

A$AP Rocky & OG Ron C, 2012.

Popstar A$AP Rocky along with one of the most infamous under the influence DJs, OG Ron C, crafted something very special in 2012. The song “Get Lit” from A$AP Rocky’s album “Live Love Purple” (a play on the overused phrase “Live, Laugh, Love”) is a cannabis classic. The song opens up with three heavy-hitting bass followed by the bars “I get so high, I touch the sky ’til I can’t even function, I get so high, I f**k around and wanna leave the function.” The song is instantly relatable to stoners of all kinds. Many believe that this was the song that pushed A$AP Rocky to the consciousness of the masses. It is more than likely true as the masses smoke gases.

“Doobie Ashtray”

Devin The Dude, 2002.

Similar to A$AP Rocky’s need to ‘get lit,’ Devin The Dude needs to get medicated. However, some of his cannabis has gone missing. In fact, “Somebody had the nerve to [Devin’s] herb out of the doobie ashtray”! Devin The Dude’s “Doobie Ashtray” is a mellow tune that follows the singer reminiscing when times were simple and cannabis came in abundance. Now, Devin is sober and doesn’t have a single bud of cannabis to smoke or even spliff. This song is relatable for stoners who overindulge with their bags only to become dry sooner than expected. Fortunately for Devin, at the end of the song, he finds a bag of weed. Even after someone took the herb out of the doobie ashtray, Devin still decides to call his crew over to smoke some with him. This is because stoner friends don’t let stoner friends go without their medication.


Wiz Khalifa, 2010.

Wiz Khalifa is undoubtedly the most recognizable pro-cannabis rapper right next to the legendary Snoop Dogg. In fact, some believe that Wiz deserves his own ‘top 10 smoking songs’ list as he has literally hundreds of great songs to pull from. One of the most popular smoking songs written and performed by Wiz Khalifa is “Up” from the greatest smoking album of all time: Kush ‘n OJ. The song follows Wiz’s prerequisites of smoke-filled beats and features a lullaby-like adlib that was surely designed to induce the ultra-relaxation of consuming cannabis. When a song begins with “I’m so high, I’m not coming down,” rest assured you are in for some medicated music.

“Mary Jane”

Rick James, 1978.

If Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg are the most recognizable pro-cannabis musicians, legendary rockstar Rick James’ “Mary Jane” is undoubtedly the most recognized smoking song in history. Chances are that if you have yet to hear any of the aforementioned tunes, you have definitely heard this once before in stoner films. This song features an upbeat and fluttering tune similar to that of the consumption of Cannabis Sativa. Everyone knows Rick James is in love with Mary Jane. In fact, she makes his heart sing. Ever since those bars were dropped in the late ’70s, there wasn’t a stoner to disagree with James’ claims. 

“Day ‘n’ Nite”

Kid Cudi, 2009.

Another song worth smoking cannabis while listening to is Kid Cudi’s “Day ‘n’ Nite.” In fact, this is the song that took Kid Cudi to the top. It debuted on Cudi’s critically-acclaimed project “Man on the Moon.” The song follows Kid Cudi, the lonely stoner who “frees his mind at night.” The song is about an inverted pothead who lets his mind wander as his body does the same throughout the city under the bright lights. The song is such a hit, it has fans clamoring for another installment of “Man on the Moon” (which is clearly symbolism for getting high.)

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