Top Cannabis Scenes in Film

There have been a countless amount of stoner classics over the course of the last few decades. A few of these scenes have become more timeless than others. Here are some of the most hilarious scenes in cannabis movies.

Craig Gets High for the First time

Friday, 1995

Friday is a 1995 stoner comedy written and starring Ice Cube and Chris Tucker. The movie follows Craig (Ice Cube) and Smokey’s (Chris Tucker) on a Friday afternoon after Craig loses his job. Craig and Smokey are best of buds. However, Craig has never smoked cannabis as Smokey consumes enough for the both of them. Once Craig loses his job, Smokey suggests Craig gets medicated since it is “Friday, you ain’t got no job and you don’t got shit to do.” Craig accepts Smokey’s offer and shares a joint with him. For the next 10 minutes of screen time, Craig displays all the hilarious antics of a first-time smoker in the presence of a veteran toker. This includes Craig’s hilarious hallucinations where he sees the head film’s antagonist, Big Worm in his kitchen cupboard. Craig is ever trying to find out why his heart is beating. Hilariously, Smokey tells him to mellow out because that’s what the heart should be doing. The scene is easily relatable for anyone who remembers their first time getting high.

That One Montage where the Dog Jumps Out a Window

Half-Baked, 1998.

Half-Baked is a stoner comedy written by and starring Dave Chappelle in the late ’90s. The film follows a group of stoner pals who have to spend their weekend getting their friend out of jail. This cheesy stoner classic is packed to the brim with hilarious scenes. However, none of those scenes hit quite like the scene of all of the stoner pals (and literally a random guy on the couch and a dog) getting high. The scene utilizes crude CGI which makes the scene much more hilarious. The group of friends are so high, they watch the dog jump out of the apartment window and soar through the New York skyline. Since they were smoking Mr. Nice Guy, a potent strain of cannabis, it is quite easy to understand why the group of friends witness their canine take flight.

“Got Blunt?” “Got Weed…?”

How High, 2001.

How High is a stoner comedy released at the beginning of the new millennium in 2001. The film stars rappers Method Man and Redman as stoners who have finessed their way into the greatest school in the country: Harvard. Although How High is packed with gut-busting stoner scenes, one of the best scenes is near the beginning. Upon entering campus for their move-in date as incoming freshmen, Silas (Method Man) and Jamal (Redman) pull up and unknowingly park next to one another. Both of them begin to roll joints in their own vehicles respectively while paying the other little attention. Silas notices that he has forgotten his pack of cigarillos, yielding him unable to roll a blunt. At this exact moment, Jamal accidentally hits the HI-fan mode on his car’s A/C, causing the weed to tornado throughout the car. Sensing the commotion from the vehicle next to him, Silas begins to look on to see Jamal attempting to salvage the weed with futile grabs at the blowing A/C. Silas senses what is going on and rolls his window down and the greatest stoner exchange of all time occurs. Silas asks Jamal if he “got blunt” only for Jamal to roll his window down and reply with a concern of his own in the form of “got weed?” This exchange would set the tone for a lifelong friendship and bond over cannabis to come.

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