Touchy-Feely Weed Jobs:

Exploring plant-touching businesses in the cannabis industry

If you ask any stoner what their dream job is, there is a strong possibility that their response will mirror a career in the cannabis industry. Despite how cliche it may sound, cannabis businesses are flourishing. The cannabis industry continues to shatter (a weed pun) economic milestones as one of the fastest-growing (another weed pun) industries ever seen. Moreover, Forbes predicts the cannabis industry to surpass $210 billion within the next ten years. Most of these businesses deal with cannabis directly. Check out these plant-touching businesses in the cannabis industry.

Dispensary Jobs in Cannabis

One of the more common plant-touching businesses in cannabis are those revolving around dispensaries. Businesses that employ the traditional dispensary models are considered a cannabis-touching business. This is because cannabis businesses tend to directly inspect and (sometimes) package buds that make their way to the dispensary. It is rare to find a dispensary that participates in cultivating its own cannabis. In some locations, this practice is illegal. That is why it is usually left to the next type of cannabis businesses.

Cannabis Breeders and Cultivators

Another form of cannabis businesses that are directly involved with the physicality of cannabis is cannabis breeders and cultivators. These are the businesses that directly provide dispensaries with cannabis for consumers. Sometimes referred to as ‘Licensed Producers,’ cannabis breeders and cultivators may be the most touchy-feely cannabis business of the industry. The cultivators grow and maintain a variety of cannabis strains. These cannabis breeders are directly responsible for maintaining the expected quality of the yield. With all of this in mind, cannabis cultivators are the true backbone of the cannabis industry. The next set of cannabis businesses are more like ‘the clothes’ of the cannabis industry.

Packaging Manufacturers in the Weed Industry

Providing medicinal and recreational cannabis as well as growing the product is one thing; packaging cannabis is another. Contrary to popular belief, dispensaries are not responsible for cannabis packaging. There exist businesses that specialize in marketing, safety, and bureaucracy that is necessary when packaging cannabis. These businesses are responsible for all of the elegant packaging consumers, and patients have become accustomed to. This includes the packaging for vape carts, dry cannabis flower, and even novelty products. Once the cannabis businesses that are responsible for cultivating the buds, they must be packaged. However, these companies only package cannabis products. They are not responsible for transporting the product. That is where cannabis businesses specializing in transportation come into play.

Cannabis Transportation and Logistics

Another key component of the cannabis industry revolves around the transportation and logistics of cannabis. Similar to cannabis businesses that package products, there is a delicate dance of marketing and bureaucracy that must be performed. This is due to the legal tightrope surrounding the transportation of cannabis. This is why the logistics arm within cannabis businesses exists. These businesses must be careful not to impede on interstate commerce laws and must tread lightly. Pun intended.

The Future of Plant-touching Weed Businesses

As aforementioned, the cannabis industry is growing at a rapid rate. Moreover, the cannabis market and level of accessibility grows with every new legislative season. In fact, approximately 5 states recently passed cannabis-friendly laws that will expand the cannabis market within the next 2 years. This means more cannabis-touching businesses like cultivators, dispensaries, and logistic companies will become necessary in new markets. More than half of the United States has legislation in place that allows the aforementioned forms of plant-touching cannabis businesses to flourish. At this rate, the cannabis industry will surely surpass that $200 billion milestone sooner than expected.

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