For the Love of Live Resin

For the Love of Live Resin:

A stoner’s guide to understanding the popular cannabis concentrate live resin

What are Cannabis Concentrates?

Cannabis concentrates are fairly self-explanatory; these are the extracts and secretions of different parts of the cannabis plant. Some of the popular forms of extracts include cannabinoids and terpenes. Products such as wax, shatters, dabs, terp sauce, and distillates are all considered cannabis concentrates with their unique effects that patients prefer.

What is Live Resin?

Live resin is a form of cannabis concentrate that is synthesized with a one-of-a-kind extraction process. The process utilizes freshly cultivated cannabis that has been frozen to a temperature well below zero before and for the duration of the extraction process. This method also bypasses the drying and manicuring stages. Furthermore, the drying and curing stages that mature cannabis plants often undergo have an overwhelming impact on terpenes. These are the cannabis compounds that are responsible for the flavor and aroma associated with most strains of cannabis. Terpenes can be found in the trichomes of cannabis. This means these compounds are present across most of the cannabis plants and leaves.

The History of live resin

Live resin is a fairly new form of cannabis concentrate. The origin of live resin dates back somewhere between 2010 and 2013. Despite the cloudy history of live resin, a modest group of cultivators and extractors in Colorado is often credited with ‘inventing’ live resin. Among this party of cannabis cultivators were the men by the name of William Fenger and another simply known as “Giddy Up.” They are acknowledged for their exploration and fine-tuning of the live resin extraction process. Fenger and Giddy felt that utilizing a unique BHO extractor that can maintain sub-zero temperatures was required to produce live resin. In unison, these gentlemen were able to store terpenes, flavor, and fragrance during their specialized extraction process.

How is live resin crafted?

As aforementioned, live resin is created by using a specific amount of pressure and sub-zero temperature. During the drying and curing phases of the process, the cannabis plant rids itself of moisture and chlorophyll. The latter can be detrimental to the flavor of the product. By protecting the integrity of the trichomes and terpenes, a flavorful and potent byproduct can be synthesized. By inducing cryostasis immediately after harvest, the cannabis plant maintains its precious and unique terpene profile, initial flavor, and aroma throughout the extraction process.

Identifying live resin among cannabis concentrates

Identifying this cannabis concentrate can be quite tricky but doable. Live resin is usually an earthy yellow. It is also more flexible than its cannabis concentrate counterparts. The consistency of live resin is somewhere between terpene sauce and traditional wax. Live resin can be runny or even taffy-like. Moreover, live resin is much more flavorful than the other forms of cannabis concentrates. The flavor profile and aroma is a big selling point for patients and aficionados of cannabis concentrates.

The future of live resin within the cannabis industry

Whoever would have thought that live resin would come from a Colorado basement to the top shelves of Colorado dispensaries?. In recent years, live resins were viewed as a mysterious and unique form of cannabis concentrate only found in particular cannabis aficionado shops at upper-echelon prices. Live resin can easily exceed $110 for a gram. Although this form of cannabis concentrate is sold at a higher rate than its cannabis concentrate counterparts, live resin is slowly becoming more accessible and cost-friendly. As the market for cannabis concentrates continues to increase and cry for tastier options with a unique profile of taste and effects, live resins will go on its path to becoming a household name.

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