What’s the deal with the Stoned Alone Movie?

What’s the deal with the Stoned Alone Movie?

Happy holidays from Stickyleaf. As 2020 comes to a close (which we couldn’t be more pleased to hear), there are a handful of movies hitting streaming platforms just in time for the holidays. Anticipated hits such as Wonder Woman 84, Disney’s Soul, and We Can Be Heroes are set to be released on Christmas day. However, there has been another film that has been making waves across the net during this short work week: Stoned Alone. It may be one of the most anticipated holiday movies of the season. But does the Stoned Alone (2020) film even exist?

Stoned Alone (2020)

Recently, a movie poster starring the original Home Alone star Macaulay Culkin smoking weed in a festive holiday robe feeling the effects of cannabis. Some film publications believe that Stoned Alone would star Macaulay Culkin returning as an older Kevin home alone. However, Kevin would once again put would-be burglars through a set of anti-theft hijinks under the influence of cannabis. Many believe that the film would fit right into the stoner genre with other films such as How High, Cheech & Chong: Up in Smoke, and The Big Lebowski. Stoned Alone (2020) may be more of a holiday stoner film.

The original idea for Stoned Alone

Within the depths of the internet lies an original idea for the Stoned Alone movie. However, this film would not star Macaulay Culkin. Instead, the film would feature the star of Deadpool: Ryan Reynolds. The plot of the original Stoned Alone would virtually be similar to the 2020 Stoned Alone.

Criticism surrounding Stoned Alone (2020)

As wonderful as the idea of a cannabis-style Home Alone film sounds, some film critics are not a fan of the idea of a Stoned Alone movie. Some of these critics believe the inclusion of drugs such as cannabis is in bad taste for the Home Alone film franchise. Moreover, these same critics believe that by making cannabis the centerpiece of a Home Alone type of film, it will taint the overall wholesomeness and innocence associated with the Home Alone movies. To those critics, we would like to stay: shut up. 

Is Stoned Alone real?

Based on the movie poster of Stoned Alone that is currently circulating the web, the film is not real. The poster features a photo of Macaulay Culkin stoned in front of a Christmas tree that is an amazing photoshop. Upon inspection, the Stoned Alone movie poster features real-life production credits of people who were associated with the Home Alone film franchise (more photoshop.) The movie poster even states that it would be premiering on Netflix on Christmas Day. The popular poster even has creator credits plastered all over it. Based on all of these findings Stoned Alone is not a real film in production. If Netflix were involved, there should be a bigger marketing budget behind such a popular and nostalgic franchise.  However, there is a substantial amount of accounts before the holiday season that suggest Macaulay Culkin was all in on the idea. Moreover, there were reports that Pineapple Express Star and Writer Seth Rogen would be involved with the Stoned Alone movie.

When to expect the Stoned Alone movie?

Based on what we know about the film at this moment, we should not expect to see Macaulay Culkin reprising his role as a stoned Kevin giving potential home invaders the business this holiday season. However, we have witnessed the power of the internet regarding film production be the catalyst for crazier things. If Macaulay Culkin and Seth Rogen are still willing to work together on a Stoned Alone movie, stoners would welcome the films with open arms. Who knows: maybe Stoned Alone would become a stoner cult classic?

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