The Buds that Keep on Giving

The Buds that Keep on Giving:

Exploring the philanthropic happening backed by the cannabis industry for Holiday Season 2020

The cannabis industry is one of the fastest-growing, if not the fastest-growing industry in almost two centuries. The cannabis industry is expected to smash the $200 sooner than later. Most cannabis companies partake in a slew of efforts toward social change. There are organizations that allocate funds to be distributed for public schools, infrastructure, and homelessness in many different corners of the world. As much as the industry grows in popularity, philanthropic endeavors become more conscious to the public. Recently, there have been a bevy of companies in the cannabis industry that have given back to the community just in time for the holidays. 

Planet 13 toy drive

Planet 13 is a dispensary that operates out of Las Vegas, Nevada that is known for providing upper-echelon recreational and medical cannabis throughout the ‘Wheelin’ and Dealin’ West.’ Over the course of 2020, Planet 13 has seen an increase in revenue of nearly 40%. This equates to nearly $24 million for the fiscal year. Planet 13 decided to provide some holiday cheer for thousands of families this year. The cannabis company donated more than 50,000 toys to hundreds of families in the Las Vegas area. Moreover, Planet 13 donated thousands of cans of food and holiday-related meals to even more families. Planet 13 stated that the donation of toys and food to families just in time for the holidays would not have been possible without the immense support from cannabis companies such as Dreamland Chocolate, Cannabella, Nature’s Chemistry, TRENDI, and a few others. The donations were distributed with the help of the Las Vegas Rescue Mission. 

Friends in Weed’s ‘Meals that Heal’ initiative

Friends in Weed, which is the name given to a collective of cannabis companies operating primarily out of Denver, Colorado decided to give back amidst the 2020 holiday season. The collective consists of the following cannabis companies: Cookies, Veritas, Higher Grade, Slang Worldwide, Olio, and Grassland. Friends in Weed constructed the Meals that Heal with one mission in mind: to assist small and local restaurants that have been directly affected by the economic decline caused by COVID-19. The initiative was formed in December of 2020 just in time for the holidays. Meals that Heal directly funded $10 meals across a network of local restaurants while ensuring these meals reached unemployed members of the hospitality industry. At the time of this post, Friends in Weed’s Meals that Heal initiative has funded and distributed nearly 2,000 meals to aforementioned afflicted residents of Colorado.

SKYMINT does its part for Detroit and Flint

SKYMINT, a chain of cannabis dispensaries operating out of Michigan, decided to get directly involved in assisting thoses affected by the pandemic in the Detroit area. Earlier last month, SKYMINT announced it would begin the recreational sales of cannabis in the Flint area. Moreover, SKYMINT stated that it would implement a digital donation drive to the nonprofit organization Feeding America during this time. This is huge as most grand openings of  dispensaries are the busiest the location will ever be. It is also worth noting that the Flint location of SKYMINT is the only location in the state to offer a particular and popular brand of gummies. This will may the potential for donations to a good cause much more enticing. The company also stated that all locations would partake in this effect towards social change. The CEO of SKYMINT, Jeff Radway stated that the company is driven by social change and uplifting the community at-large.

Expect even more efforts toward social change from cannabis companies in 2021.

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