Euphoric Strains of Cannabis You Need to Try

Euphoric Strains of Cannabis You Need to Try

As the cannabis industry continues to multiply, so does the number of strains of cannabis that are available to the public. New strains are being crafted almost daily. These strains are crafted to hone in on the desired effects patients consume cannabis for. Some of these effects include inducing sleep, creativity, and even euphoria. Let’s focus on the latter and take a look at a few euphoric strains worth trying.

Sin Mint Cookies

This next strain is a unique strain that will surely ease consumers into euphoria. Sin Mint Cookies are a fusion between the legendary Girl Scout Cookies and the relatively unknown strain Blue Power. Consumers are left with a bud that is almost more purple than it is green! The taste of Sin Mint Cookies are quite delicious; Consumers can expect to be greeted by notes of earth and sweet mint. This strain brings to the table a hefty 28% THC per gram! Who needs the ‘Devil’s lettuce’ when you can have Sin Mint Cookies?

Afternoon Delight

If you are in search of a strain that can provide you with a euphoric experience, then why not give Afternoon Delight a shot? This strain is a cross between Tangie, Banana Kush, and Schrom. The result is surely an afternoon delight. Upon inspection, the buds associated with this strain contain dark hues of violet and an overwhelming amount of amber.  The aroma is just as enticing as the appearance of Afternoon Delight. The scent is reminiscent of an apple orchard in the early fall. The sweet, floral, and slightly fruity body of this strain simply adds to its already-strong dossier. The THC per gram in this strain is a whopping 28% on average. Nothing gets more euphoric than an Afternoon Delight!

Citrus Cookies

Were you unable to secure a box of those lemon girl scout cookies from your neighbor’s kid this season? Well, fear not because Citrus Cookies will provide consumers with a similar taste. Moreover, it will provide a euphoric experience similar to that of enjoying a box of your favorite seasonal cookies. The lineage of this strain is a bit of a mystery. However, most cannabis aficionados recognize Citrus Cookies as being a cross between Tangie, Girl Scout Cookies, and Fire OG. Upon inspection, Citrus Cookies virtually all orange thanks to the overwhelming amount of amber hairs. This strain contains a hefty 27% THC per gram.

Amnesia Haze

Another intense strain of cannabis you should consider trying is Amnesia Haze. Don’t let the name fool you; this cannabis Sativa strain is great for invoking creativity. Amnesia Haze has quite an extensive lineage, hailing from strains such as Thai, Haze, Hawaiian, Jamaican, and even Cambodian. With all of these Sativas behind Amnesia Haze, this strain is sure to provide a cerebral feeling of euphoria. The taste profile of Amnesia Haze is also worth noting. This Sativa-centric strain of cannabis hosts a very citrusy, sweet yet earthy flavor. Consider indulging in Amnesia Haze, or any of the Sativa-dominant strains from this list the next time you are in search of a euphoric experience.

Jamaican Dream

Next on our list is Jamaican Dream. This is a Cannabis Sativa strain that is known for its ability to provide cerebral and euphoric effects. Jamaican Dream is bred using ancestral Jamaican agricultural techniques. This process yields buds that are full of citrus, earthy, and tropical flavors. Moreover, this Sativa-dominant strain can ignite a spark of creativity. Jamaican Dream is the island variation of Blue Dream. The Sativa-dominant strain Jamaican is the only strain present in the lineage of Jamaican Dream. Rest assured, all of these strains can invoke intense feelings of euphoria. Consider a bit of Jamaican Dream the next time you want to obtain a potent and cerebral high that is packed full of flavor.

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