Trends that will Dominate the Cannabis Industry in 2021

Trends that will Dominate the Cannabis Industry in 2021

Less than one month into the new year, the cannabis industry is already making an impact around the globe. Moreover, the cannabis industry is still on pace to break the $200 billion milestone before the end of the decade. Here are 5 trends that will surely make waves across the cannabis industry this year.

Whole-plant CBD

Full Spectrum CBD products, often referred to as ‘whole plant’ concentrates or extracts, contain CBD in addition to other ingredients extracted from the same cannabis plant. Consumers of Full Spectrum CBD products claim to benefit from the product’s ability to enact the entourage effect. Full Spectrum CBD also contains terpenes and other flavor agents. These are ingredients that can provide therapeutic benefits in addition to nice flavors and aromatics. Moreover, these Full Spectrum CBD products tend to include other discovered cannabinoids. These cannabinoids include, but are not limited to: THC, THCA, CBN, CBG. It is worth noting that Full Spectrum CBD products are not generally recommended for individuals who have a low tolerance to THC due to the trace amounts of the psychoactive cannabinoid’s ability to appeal in Full Spectrum CBD.

THC Distillates

Another cannabis trend that is expected to make an impact in the cannabis industry in 2021 is Distillates. These are a viscous, opaque oil that has had waxes or unacceptable compounds from the cannabis plant. With the course of the political advancement of cannabis and cannabis research, distillates have become quite desirable due to their high level of potency and versatility. Distillates can be used to vape, dab, or even as an additional ingredient in edibles, topical creams, and lotions, among other cannabis-infused products. These types of concentrates are achieved through a means of a large-scale clarifying process that separates canna-compounds such as CBD and THC from cannabis plant material.

Terpenes (Terp Sauce)

2020 was hands down the year of Terp Sauce. This is a phrase used to refer to terpene sauce. Terpenes are the essential aromatic oils found in all buds of cannabis. They are responsible for the scents often associated with your favorite strains. That citrus aroma found in your bag of Lemon Kush? That is thanks to the terpene known as Limonene. How about that tropical mango scent that is often associated with the strain Jamaican Dream? That is the terpene known as Myrcene. Although terpenes do not get consumers high, they are still popular for adding flavors to things such as edibles and vape cartridges, making terp sauce a very hot commodity. Expect terp sauce to continue to be in-the-know all 2021 long.

Dab Pens

Dabs are a small but effective amount of concentrated cannabis. Although there is a multitude of methods to create these concentrates, dabs are often manufactured using the aforementioned method known as BHO, or Butane Hash Oil. As far as the appearance of dabs, BHO often appears in a shade similar to that of a golden or amber color with an extremely low viscosity. The low viscosity helps the concentrate its sticky and molasses-like fluidity. Moreover, some instruments allow users to consume these extracts similar to vape pens. The ability to discreetly consume cannabis concentrates has become more popular than ever. Expect dab pens to make an impact in 2021.

CBD Edibles

Another trend that is likely to take off in 2021 is the obsession with CBD edibles. Patients have become tired of THC edibles as they simply are not the current ‘wave.’ Consumers are looking to receive the medicinal effects of cannabis a la CBD edibles. These types of edibles are adored for their mild medicating ability wrapped into a healthy and conscious snack. Expect CBD edibles to continue to bubble in 2021, thanks to the mass availability of CBD.

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