How to Share Weed in the Middle of a Pandemic

How to Share Weed in the Middle of a Pandemic

2020 was a hell of a year and we all have COVID-19 to thank for that. Despite the cannabis industry breaking records last year, the pandemic presented unfathomable challenges for all businesses, not just those within the cannabis industry. However, consumers are still choosing to host smoke sessions and social cannabis functions amidst a pandemic. Just how safe are these functions? How can stoners stay safe and still have a good time with their smoke buddies? 

Consistent & proper sanitation

One of the primary defensive measures against germs and viruses is efficient and consistent handwashing. More times than not, this is mandated by virtually every establishment within the cannabis industry. This is thanks to federal agencies such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration or OSHA mandating effective and consistent cleaning, sanitizing, and hygienics for virtually every business in the nation. Cannabis dispensaries and cannabis delivery services are of no exception. This includes faithful and thorough handwashing after every transaction, bathroom visits, and even when handling known allergies. 

Additionally, businesses have kicked their cleaning and sanitation methods up a notch in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Dispensary operators and managers have mandated more handwashing, shelf and glass wipe downs with the proper sanitizing solutions, and even providing budtenders and cannabis delivery drivers with surgical masks. By constantly fighting the risk of the growth of bacteria, dispensaries and cannabis delivery services can protect themselves as well as the company’s product and reputation. Consumers can take a page from the tactics performed by dispensaries to ensure they are also remaining safe from COVID-19 while consuming cannabis in social settings.

Prior planning with additional cleaning products

In addition to increasing cleaning and sanitation habits and the implementation of no-contact deliveries by dispensaries, companies are mandating their delivery services to increase their cleaning and sanitation supplies while on the clock. Recommended products include:

  • Alcohol-based hand sanitizer
  • Air-sanitizing spray
  • Bleach-based all-purpose wipes
  • Clinical-grade face masks
  • Disposable latex or vinyl gloves

Although these items may seem excessive, they are extremely necessary during the COVID-19 pandemic. Alcohol-based hand sanitizer will serve as an alternative to washing hands when individuals are not able to do so. Air-sanitizing sprays such as Lysol Neutra-air and Ozium are produced with cleaning and sanitizing chemicals to remove the germs from you and your smoke buddy’s air space. Bleach-based wipes are also a good investment for combating COVID-19. These wipes can be used to sanitized cannabis products before and after they have been used. Furthermore, by wearing a clinical-grade mask as well as keeping disposable vinyl gloves nearby, cannabis consumers can decrease their chances of contracting COVID from surfaces that retain harmful microbes while warding off any germs that may be present during smoke sessions.

Is it possible to safely consume cannabis with friends during the pandemic?

Theoretically, it may not be possible to socially consume cannabis while avoiding the dangers of COVID-19. Think about it: consuming cannabis with other individuals who may or may not have COVID appears with more risk than reward. Most methods of consuming cannabis socially reveal a link to be shared between the consuming parties. This means that parties are extremely liable to share cannabis apparatuses such as bongs and vapes between one another.  This does NOT pose well for those who are attempting to avoid contracting COVID-19. It is also unlikely that the involved parties will be familiar with the contact tracing of COVID-19. Stickyleaf recommends that you consume cannabis by yourself until more medical advancements surrounding the virus are made. However, by implementing the aforementioned best practices, consumers can make social smoke sessions as safe as possible during a pandemic.

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