5 Strains to Support You while Working from Home

5 Strains to Support You while Working from Home

COVID-19 pandemic has forced millions of adults to be quarantined at home. Additionally, employees provided more remote positions than ever before. Working remotely has quickly become bittersweet. Before the outbreak of COVID-19, many employees would love to work from home. Now, they are experiencing burnout thanks to the mandatory quarantining. However, there are a handful of cannabis strains that can assist you while working from home. Here are a few strain to toke up before clocking in at home.

Agent Orange

What do you get when you take the flavorful Orange Velvet and combine it with Jack the Ripper? You get Agent Orange. This strain gets its name from the weapon used in the Vietnam War due to its cough-inducing effects (Jack the Ripper) embodied within an orange-centric flavor (Orange Velvet.) Agent Orange is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain that is highly renowned for its ability to uplift mood, induce appetite and euphoria. Furthermore, Agent Orange’s cerebral effects are sure to provide you with the creativity you need to get through those tricky tasks. If your employer has you working remotely, this is a great strain to keep you focused.

Jamaican Dream

Next on our list is Jamaican Dream. This is a cannabis Sativa strain that is known for its ability to provide cerebral and euphoric effects. Jamaican Dream is bred using traditional Jamaican agricultural techniques. This process yields buds that are full of citrus, earthy, and tropical flavors. Moreover, this Sativa-dominant strain can ignite a spark of creativity. Jamaican Dream is the island variation of Blue Dream. The Sativa-dominant strain Jamaican is the only strain present in the lineage of Jamaican Dream. Rest assured, all of these strains can invoke creativity and euphoria. Consider a bit of Jamaican Dream the next time you face a slump in productivity while working from home.

Kali Mist

Another strain that can invoke creativity and focus is Kali Mist. This strain is of unknown origin, but researchers point to California in the early 1990s. Kali Mist is a super Sativa strain that was created by crafting two novel Sativa-dominant strains. Although the origins of this Sativa are quite chaotic, its effects are known and respected. Due to its cerebral effects, Kali Mist can provide creativity with a side of euphoria. The light and frosty appearance of Kali Mist is partnered with sweet, citrus, and earthy undertones. Consider this Sativa the next time you need to twist that lightbulb of creativity while working remotely.

Hawaiian Sativa

There is a pattern here: most of these strains that invoke creativity have healthy cannabis Sativa genes. This strain is no different. Hawaiian Sativa is a native of The Aloha State that provides mood-uplifting and appetite-inducing effects. Additionally, Hawaiian Sativa has the unique ability to get those juices of creativity flowing. The buds, sometimes referred to as ‘banana buds’ due to their extraordinary ability to produce curvy buds similar to bananas. Its tropical, sweet and citrusy flavor combined with its uplifting and cerebral effects makes this Sativa ideal for improving the job’s focus.

Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze is a Sativa strain that is great for invoking creativity while working from home. Amnesia Haze has quite the extensive lineage, hailing from Thai, Haze, Hawaiian, Jamaican, and even Cambodian. With all of these Sativas behind Amnesia Haze, this strain is sure to provide a cerebral feeling of euphoria. The taste profile of Amnesia Haze is also worth noting. This Sativa-centric strain of cannabis hosts a very citrusy, sweet yet earthy flavor. Moreover, Amnesia Haze won’t cloud your creativity. Consider indulging in Amnesia Haze or any of the Sativa-dominant strains from this list the next time you get bit by the bug of procrastination while working from home.

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