6 Strains to Spring into during the Holidaze

6 Strains to Spring into during the Holidaze

It is the most wonderful time of the year! April is recognized as Cannabis Awareness Month by millions of consumers around the globe. More than 60 million adults consume cannabis daily. Additionally, April is the most cannabis-friendly month of all among consumers and businesses in the industry. Combine the points mentioned above with the world bouncing back from a global pandemic, and you instantly have a recipe for intense cannabis curiosity. Here are five strains of cannabis worth toking this spring.

Miracle Alien Cookies (MAC)

Miracle Alien Cookies, also known as MAC, is a strain of cannabis perfect for the holidaze. This strain is a hybrid produced after combining Columbian and Starfighter. This strain, on average, contains approximately 21% THC. Under the light, Miracle Alien Cookies is often dark green and fortified with resin. Upon inhalation, Miracle Alien Cookies give off an aroma similar to that of citrus accompanied by pine and peppers.

Afternoon Delight

Afternoon Delight is a euphoria-invoking strain perfect for the spring. This strain is a cross between Tangie, Banana Kush, and Schrom. The result is undoubtedly an afternoon delight. Upon inspection, the buds associated with this strain contain dark hues of violet and an overwhelming amount of amber.  The aroma is just as enticing as the appearance of Afternoon Delight. The scent is reminiscent of an apple orchard in the early fall. The sweet, floral, and slightly fruity body of this strain simply adds to its already-strong dossier. The THC per gram in this strain is a whopping 28% on average. Nothing says ‘happy holidaze’ like the euphoric Afternoon Delight!

Jamaican Dream

Next on our list of strains to enjoy this Fall is Jamaican Dream. This is a cannabis Sativa strain known for its ability to unleash intense cerebral and euphoric effects. Jamaican Dream is bred using traditional Jamaican agricultural techniques. The process mentioned earlier yields buds that contain citrus, brown sugar notes, and tropical flavors. This terpene profile would pair well with a slice of pumpkin pie. 

Moreover, this Sativa-dominant strain can ignite a spark of creativity and energy. Jamaican Dream is the island variation of Blue Dream. The Sativa-dominant strain Jamaican is the only strain present in the lineage of Jamaican Dream.


Chocolope is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain of cannabis that is a fusion of the Chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze strains. When studying the aroma of Chocolope, this strain reveals earthy and subtle sweet tones. Some consumers of Chocolope assert that the strain often gives off a fragrance similar to that of a freshly brewed cup of coffee. Chocolope also contains a respectable amount of THC ranging anywhere from 17 to 20% THC.

Amnesia Haze

Another strain of cannabis worthy of your attention this spring is Amnesia Haze. Don’t let its moniker deceive you; this Cannabis Sativa strain is excellent for invoking creativity. Amnesia Haze has quite an extensive lineage, hailing from strains such as Thai, Haze, Hawaiian, Jamaican, and even Cambodian. With all of these Sativas behind Amnesia Haze, this strain is sure to provide a cerebral feeling of euphoria. The taste profile of Amnesia Haze is also worth noting. This Sativa-centric strain of cannabis hosts a very citrusy, sweet yet earthy flavor. Consider indulging in Amnesia Haze all holidaze long!

Pie Face OG

The last entry on our list of must-try strains during the holidaze is Pie Face OG. This strain is a fusion between the strains Cherry Pie and Face Off OG. Upon appearance Pie Face OG has a dark hue with some core purples. This Indica-dominant strain gives off a scent reminiscent of grandma’s holiday pies thanks to the notes of pungent earth and cherries. On average, Pie Face OG contains 18% THC.

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