Dab Day: the Underexplored Holiday

Dab Day: the Underexplored Holiday

With 4/20 around the corner, consumers scour the web for more cannabis-related holidaze. As cannabis concentrates become more popular, so do the methods of celebrating cannabis concentrates. Cannabis extracts and concentrates represent an integral fraction to the millions in retail cannabis sales around the globe. Last month, Detroit brought in nearly $100 million in cannabis sales. ¼ of those sales belong to cannabis concentrates, or ‘dabs.’ The typical cannabis consumer does not know much about Dab Day (let alone celebrate it.) Let’s take a look at Dab Day.

Evaluating Dab Day

July 10th, referred to as “7/10” or “Dab Day,” is a cannabis connoisseur’s holiday. It is a day of the year dedicated to the awareness, and responsible consumption of cannabis concentrates. Moreover, this date is not one of pure luck. The date 7/10 is a  nod towards the word ‘OIL,’ another common name for cannabis concentrates. Similar to 4/20, the true origins of Dab Day are clouded in ambiguity. Socially, celebrators of 7/10 recognize the year 2012 as the inaugural year for a holiday mentioned above. Most cannabis cups and conventions also tend to accept 2012 as an official start for the celebration. Seven years later, Dab Day is still a cornerstone celebration for consumers and advocates across the globe.

Celebrating the holidaze correctly

Unlike 4/20, Dab Day is all about cannabis concentrates. People who celebrate 7/10 tend to exclusively indulge in shatters, oils, waxes, and other variations of concentrated cannabis. This can be done by filling your rig or concentrate-equipped apparatus with a small amount of concentrate, or dab, until your heart’s (or lungs’) content. People also tend to infuse treats such as cookies, brownies, and even pies with cannabis concentrates for the festivities. This means that those who participate in Dab Day are expected to be highly elevated. Cannabis advocates also use Dab Day as a day of education to increase social awareness and understanding of concentrates and the positives of all things cannabis. However, similar to any holiday, the day is also a chance for protestors to mobilize.

Negative implications associated with Dab Day

 Although Dab Day is an advancement in cannabis connoisseurs and advocates’ culture and climate, it has not been without its fair share of criticism. The average consumer does not partake in the ingestion of cannabis concentrates, often referred to as ‘dabbing.’ This is because most consumers do not like to achieve such an elevated level of consumption. They also are not interested in destroying their current cannabis tolerance with highly concentrated waxes and oils. Moreover, anti-cannabis advocates like to falsely compare the state of elevation caused by dabbing to illicit drugs such as heroin, morphine, and even fentanyl which is entirely absurd. Under these pretenses, Dab Day and concentrates as a whole often tend to yield hostile reception to those who have been misinformed.

The future of Dab Day

With the legalization and decriminalization of cannabis becoming more progressive than ever before, variations of cannabis concentrates have become more socially and legally accepted. This year, countries like Canada will be able to experience Dab Day for the first time in history, honestly. The reputation of ‘dabbing’ is frowned upon by the fearful as well as the uneducated. Although the typical consumer will view the holiday as a day of consumption, advocates will push for a counter to the misinformation and propaganda that surrounds cannabis concentrates. Despite the attempts made by the dissenters of dabs and its namesake holiday, 7/10 is still recognized as a win for pro-cannabis advocates. This year will be no exception. Happy holidaze!

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