The Benefits of Express Checkout in the Cannabis Industry

The Benefits of Express Checkout in the Cannabis Industry

Since the beginning of the near year, nearly ¾ of the United States has implemented some form of cannabis decriminalization and legalization. That is approximately 38 territories that have eased up on cannabis prohibition. There are even more states aiming to legalize cannabis this legislative season. Furthermore, Forbes has projected the cannabis industry to bring in $200 billion by the end of 2030. With projections as strong as these, companies are jumping into the cannabis industry head first. Express checkout gained a multitude of traction over the last few years. Here’s what it can do.

A boost in sales

There are a multitude of reasons how the implementation of express checkout services can drastically improve sales. Philosophically, there are many things that can improve sales. By implementing an express checkout kiosk, businesses can cut down congestion, leading to a negative customer experience. Increased sales can lead to expansion, the addition of new cannabis products, and an overall positive reception from consumers and stockholders in regards to the brand appeal.

More productivity

Like any other industry, dispensaries are always searching for ways to cut down on the cost of labor. An express checkout system for your dispensary can also increase productivity. This is because the self-service kiosks that often govern express checkout systems require little-to-no maintenance. Moreover, by installing an express checkout option for consumers, staff members (typically known as ‘Budtenders’) can spend valuable labor tending to other projects around in front or back of the house. 

Makes compliance easier to navigate

Companies that provide self-service kiosks and appropriate POS equipment must ensure that their technology meets the state’s standard of compliance surrounding the sale of cannabis. This means that owners and operators can rest assured that the self-service kiosks and express checkout technology won’t cause a rift between the dispensary and agency issuing licenses. This is due to the kiosks possessing features such as age verification, purchase limit notifications as well as complying with a state’s hours of operation that have been mandated by the state.

Improved brand technology and convenience

As previously stated, the implementation of express checkout services can give your brand the necessary modern appeal that identifies with consumers ages 24-40. Adding express checkout services to your dispensary can promote positive brand technology, innovation, and convenience. The idea here is that consumers believe that purchasing recreational and medicinal cannabis needs to be as convenient, streamlined, and safe as possible. Thanks to technology and innovation, dispensaries can ensure that they are meeting those standards.

Streamlined experience for customers

The self-service kiosks that promote express checkout at a dispensary can provide a better experience when purchasing cannabis. This is due to the kiosk’s ability to provide patients with things such as names of cannabis strains, lineage, terpenes, percentage of cannabinoids, verified patient reviews, pricing, dosage, and high definition images. The market psychology behind this states that by providing consumers with an experience that aligns with their daily shopping routines (i.e., shopping online, viewing high-quality images of products, reviews, etc.), consumers are more likely to respond positively. This can ultimately lead to improved sales.

Increase brand awareness and overall appeal

When dispensaries elect to install express checkout via self-service kiosks and consumer-friendly POS, it provides patients with a positive experience. Moreover, it grants dispensaries the opportunity to streamline their brand and advertisement. This is crucial due to the strict regulations on cannabis and advertising that are in place in all legal states. When dispensaries take advantage of the systems mentioned above, it provides a modern feel to the experience of purchasing cannabis.

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