Steve Urkel Set to Launch Cannabis Company this 4/20

Steve Urkel Set to Launch Cannabis Company this 4/20

The industry continues to make headlines in the middle of Cannabis Awareness Month. More states are set to join the pro-cannabis movement within the next few years. Additionally, more celebrities are breaking into the cannabis industry daily. The most recent addition into the club, as mentioned earlier, was a tad bit unexpected. However, he is welcomed with arms wide open. Who would have guessed that Steve Urkel smokes weed?

Getting to know Jaleel White

If you love the ’90s (like we know you do), then chances are you are very familiar with Jaleel White. He is best known for his lead role as Steve Urkel on the popular 1990 family sitcom appropriately titled “Family Matters.” The piano to the Family Matters theme just entered your head, didn’t it? Aside from the cornerstone of the ’90s sitcom, White also represents the cornerstone of ’90s cartoons. Jaleel White also voiced Sonic the Hedgehog in the ’90s animated series of the same name.

Jaleel White, today

These days, White is onto bigger and greener things (see what we did there?). This past weekend, White appeared in a vignette to promote his new cannabis brand, ‘itsPurpl.’ Oddly enough, the promo aired amidst a PPV between Youtubers. Additionally, White appeared as his beloved Steve Urkel smoking itsPurpl. Urkel also appeared with hip-hop legend and established cannabis entrepreneur Snoop Dogg. Hilariously, the segment allowed us to witness the uptight Urkel smoking a fat doobie. Some fans believe that Urkel’s transformation into ‘Stefan Urquelle,’ Steve’s sociable alter ego, is cannabis-induced. The brand plans to sell retail cannabis crafted by White with help from 710 Labs. White sets to launch his cannabis brand in California this 4/20. Naturally, the brand will also carry Purple Urkel, among other strains.

Purple Urkle, the strain

At the time of this article, not much is known about itsPurpl. If itsPurpl is anything like the strain it is modeled after, then it will become a beloved strain. Purple Urkle is a strain that is clouded in secret. Purple Urkle is a Cannabis Indica-dominant strain that clocks in around 17% THC per gram. Like most Cannabis Indica-dominant strains, Purple Urkle contains a respectable amount of CBD. Upon inspection of a Purple Urkle bud, consumers are welcomed with vibrant shades of emerald green and blotches of indigo. Consumers turn to Purple Urkle for its pain-mitigating and sedative effects. 

Additionally, the aroma associated with Purple Urkle is one-of-a-kind. Most buds reveal a skunky, berry-like scent. Researchers believe that the dominant terpene of Purple Urkle is myrcene. Thanks to its Cannabis Indica genetics, consumers prefer Purple Urkle at the latter end of the day. Purple Urkel’s origin is also shrouded in mystery. It would be hilarious to find out that Jaleel White was working on Purple Urkel in the ’90 amidst his time at Steve Urkel. 

Urkel & Urkle, the stoner sitcom

Jaleel White is currently directing all of his focus toward his new cannabis brand. However, many fans would love to see a stoned Steve Urkel sitcom. These are the same fans calling for a Stoned Alone film with a toking Macaulay Culkin. In theory, it could work. Urkel & Urkle (we just coined that, by the way.)

Picture this: You arrive home from a long day’s work to your adult daughter’s boyfriend in your weed stash. Upon confronting him, he blows a billow of Purple Urkle smoke in your face. As the clouds clear, you see Steve Urkel smoking, well, Urkle. As the laugh track fades out, Urkel responds with a straightforward question: “Did I smoke that?” For now, we welcome Jaleel White into the cannabis industry and wish White well on all of his purple endeavors. 

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