Happy Dab Day!

Happy Dab Day!

420 is not the only holiday observed in the cannabis industry. More than 85 million adults consume cannabis daily. Naturally, this alludes to the many forms of cannabis that are consumed daily. Here is what you need to know about Dab Day.

Understanding Dab Day

July 10th, usually mentioned as “7/10” or “Dab Day,” is a holiday celebrated annually in the cannabis industry. It is a day of the year devoted to the awareness and rational consumption of concentrates. Furthermore, this date is not one of pure luck. The date 7/10 is a play on the word ‘OIL; this is another common term for cannabis concentrates.

Just like 4/20, the true origins of Dab Day are clouded in mystery. Culturally, celebrators of Dab Day acknowledge the year 2012 as the inaugural year for Dab Day. Most cannabis cups and weed conventions affirm 2012 as an official start for the Dab Day celebration. Dab Day is still a cornerstone holiday for consumers and cannabis advocates across the land nearly a decade later.

Celebrating Dab Day

Unlike 4/20, 7/10 is all about cannabis concentrates. Those who celebrate 7/10 indulge in shatters, budders, oils, crumbles, waxes, and other adaptations of concentrated weed. This can be done by filling your rig with a small amount of concentrate. Like any holiday, people will find some way to celebrate it (even if they are not concentrates.) People also infuse treats such as brownies, cookies, and even entire pies with cannabis for the sake of the festivities.

This means that those who celebrate Dab Day expect to be highly medicated. Cannabis advocates also use 7/10 as a day of cannabis education reform. Dab Day is also used to increase social awareness and understanding of cannabis concentrates and many other healthy aspects of cannabis. Nevertheless, comparable to any ‘regular’ holiday, Dab Day is also an opportunity for protestors to assemble.

Negative Implications of Dab Day

Dab Day is viewed as an advancement in the culture and political stance of cannabis critics and advocates; Like any controversial holiday, 7/10 has not been without its fair share of criticism. The typical consumer does not participate in the ingestion of cannabis concentrates. This is often referred to as ‘dabbing.’ This is due to most consumers not searching for such extremely potent cannabis products daily. Constant cannabis concentrate consumption (say that three times fast…) is a quick way to ruin one’s cannabis tolerance.

As stated, celebrators of 7/10 also are not drawn to destroying their cannabis tolerance with highly potent waxes, shatters, crumbles, and oils. Additionally, anti-cannabis big wigs like to erroneously equate the state of high caused by dabbing to illicit ‘hard’ drugs like heroin, morphine, and fentanyl. Simply put: the former statement is absurd. Under these assumptions, OIL Day and cannabis concentrate usually garnered negative attention and reception.

The Future of Dab Day

With the legalization and political advancement of cannabis becoming more evident than ever before, varieties of cannabis concentrates have become more culturally and judicially accepted. This year, many countries will experience a post-COVID Dab Day. Last year, many could care less about 7/10 as we were smack dab (pun intended) in the middle of lockdown thanks to a pandemic.

Dabbing is more popular now than ever before. Although the typical consumer views the holiday as a day of consumption, cannabis advocates push for a counterattack to the false information and propaganda engulfing cannabis use despite the attempts made by the protesters of dabs. 7/10 is still viewed as a win for pro-cannabis advocates everywhere. 2021 is no exception. Happy Dab Day (or 7/10, or OIL Day!) Pack your rigs for the team here at Stickyleaf!

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