Sha’Carri Richardson Offered a Quarter Million for Vape Endorsement

That didn’t take long at all. In less than two weeks, Sha’Carri Richardson is landing back on her feet. As far as we are concerned: she never fell. Now, things are on the up-and-up. Although Richardson didn’t get to stare down the track in Tokyo at the Olympics this year, she will be eyeing an endorsement for nearly $250K from a reputable vape company.

Quick Recap

At the end of last month, record-breaking collegiate track star and prospective Olympian Sha’Carri Richardson made headlines. The Anti-doping Agency for the USA Track and Field team announced that Richardson failed a drug test. Furthermore, the agency made it clear that the culprit was cannabis. As a result, Richardson was suspended from track and field activities for 30 days (Richardson ultimately accepted.) At the time, the timeline of the suspension would allow Richardson to participate in the Tokyo Olympics. Unfortunately, the USA Track and Field team announced that Sha’Carri would be left off entirely. Richardson stated her understanding of the ‘snub’ and will cheer her track mates on from home. For more information on Sha’carri Richardson, check out our article from earlier this month.

Dr. Dabber

Dr. Dabber is a brand dedicated to providing patients with innovative and eco-friendly vaporizers and vape pens. The latter is sometimes referred to as dab pens. Dr. Dabber prides itself on its range of unique vaping devices. They provide a variety of units supporting cannabis buds and cannabis concentrates. Dr. Dabber also provides upgrade pieces for many vapes that can take devices to the next level. The most appealing quality of Dr. Dabber is its affordability. They provide a slew of one-of-a-kind rigs perfect for your pocket (double entendre.) Summarily, it makes perfect sense why such a brand would offer a 250K endorsement for an Olympian.

Dr. Dabber’s letter

Earlier this week, Dr. Dabber sent Sha’Carri Richardson a letter of intent to endorse. Summarily, the letter stated:

“Dear [Sha’Carri], we are saddened to learn of your recent suspension from the US Track & Field team, due to [Cannabis Sativa] and missing the [chance] to compete at the 2021 [Olympics.] At Dr. Dabber, we [affirm] that THC can have many [beneficial] effects on an athlete’s recovery and overall mental [health.].”

The letter continued while offering Richardson an endorsement. The value of the endorsement is estimated at $250,000.

What would this endorsement look like?

In the letter, Dr. Dabber stated the endorsement would consist of testing their products. Once again, Dr. Dabber specializes in vaporizers and dab pens. Additionally, Dr. Dabber provides CBD products on their website. Also, Dr. Dabber stated their support for THC directly, and it appears they do not offer any THC products. This may be crucial if Richardson accepts the endorsement.

Naturally, the biggest concern of accepting a cannabis endorsement is “How does this affect my career?” We have all been hesitant to reveal our relationship with cannabis at some point in our professional lives. It would behoove Richardson and her team to contact the public relations division of the Olympics regarding this type of endorsement. Since Dr. Dabber is focused on devices and not cannabinoids, there is a chance the endorsement would be ok.

The future of cannabis and sports

Cannabis and sports have been intertwined in many professional leagues since their inaugural season. This goes for the NFL, NCAA, and even the NBA. 2x NBA champion Kevin Durant openly endorses and invests in a cannabis company. He also dropped 49 points in the NBA Playoffs about a week ago. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has spoken publicly about his support of the move. The NFL is also considering easing up on cannabis when performing drug tests. With the NCAA announcing athletes’ eligibility for payment at the collegiate level happening earlier this month, we don’t expect cannabis decriminalization (to some degree) to be near.

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