Nug Size: Does it Matter?

There have been a countless number of debates revolving around cannabis since its discovery. One of the newest debates revolves around the size of the buds consumers choose. For some reason, consumers believe that one style of cannabis bud is better than the other. Let’s take a look at both sides and why it ultimately doesn’t matter.

Big Nuggets

When people think of cannabis, they often think of those pretty, picture-perfect, big buds of cannabis. These are buds that you usually find on ‘weedporn’ Instagram pages or the featured image on a cannabis article. Big cannabis buds are often associated with genetics and grow methods of the cannabis plant. Some individuals believe that big cannabis buds are exclusively associated with Cannabis Sativa plants, which is not true.

Why Consumers like Big Nuggets

The reason consumers may like big cannabis buds may be more psychological and social than they would like to believe. For most of our lives, we are taught that ‘bigger is better.’ Moreover, this type of philosophy can adhere to our everyday way of thinking, including choosing cannabis. One could even argue that the appeal of big cannabis buds is more Freudian than anything. Famous Psychologist Sigmund Freud may have argued that our appeal and interest in big cannabis nuggets comes from our ‘natural’ obsession with grander-sized sexual anatomical parts of the human body. Although it is impossible to confirm the latter, consumers may also enjoy big cannabis buds because it makes the consumer feel like they possess more cannabis than they may actually have.

Small Nuggets

The other end of this debate are small nuggets. These are the petite, but often dense cannabis buds that a multitude of consumers just do not seem to care for. Similar to big cannabis buds, small nuggets are a product of genetics and grow methods. Some consumers often associated small cannabis nuggets with Cannabis Indica strains. However, there are plenty of Cannabis Sativa strains that can produce small, dense buds.

Why People Don’t Like Small Cannabis Buds

The reason consumers do not like small cannabis buds may be due to a slew of reasons. Small cannabis buds can be depressing at first glance. Additionally, a lot of small cannabis buds in your stash box or jar can make it appear like ‘shake’. Shake is the term given to cannabis that is small, broken down, non-cannabis budded, or overall lacking structure. Similar to the fascination associated with big cannabis buds, small nugs and shake can cause the consumer to view the nugs in a fashion that leads them to rationing their stash. Something they may not do if they had a stash box of big cannabis nuggets.

Why It Really Doesn’t Matter

As aforementioned, the size of cannabis buds is determined by a few factors such as genetics, grow mediums, environment, and methods. Additionally, two strains of the same cannabis plant can produce two opposing types of cannabis nuggets while still possessing similar levels of potency and quality. Moreover, the Freudian argument associated with the ‘big cannabis buds vs. small cannabis buds’ debate may provide the necessary insight to those who are uninformed. People naturally think bigger is better. However, there is a similar saying not directly tied to cannabis about big things and smaller things: “It’s not the size of the boat, but the motion of the ocean.” The same can hold true for cannabis. It is not the size of the cannabis buds that matter. Moreover, it is the potency, quality, and overall experience associated with the chosen cannabis buds, big or small, that make the difference.

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