The Different Types of Cannabis Leaves

Last year has provided the common cannabis consumer an unimaginable amount of time at home thanks to COVID-19 and mandatory quarantines. This has allowed people to search the depths of the internet, from cat videos to gaining a deeper understanding of all things cannabis. Currently, consumers are engaging in the debate surrounding sugar leaves and fan leaves. Before a true winner can be determined, let’s take a look at understanding exactly what these types of leaves are.

What is a Sugar Leaf?

A sugar leaf is a leaf that develops in conjunction with the buds of cannabis. More often than not, sugar leaves have a white hue to them, as if they were dusted with a nice coating similar to that of a powdered donut. Moreover, most cannabis consumers have seen sugar leaves, albeit the inability to properly identify them. The frosted flake-like appearance embodied by sugar leaves are due to the presence of THC-packed trichomes. Some cannabis cultivators choose to trim sugar leaves during the manicuring stage of their harvest. Since these leaves contain a respectable amount of THC, cultivators may leave the sugar leaves undisturbed to increase potency or may trim the leaves for infusion purposes.

What is a Fan Leaf?

Aside from sugar leaves, there are also a form of leaves referred to as fan leaves. These types of leaves are large and broad, resembling that of, you guessed it: a fan. These types of leaves are often underappreciated as well as under-utilized. Moreover, fan leaves contain micronutrients and also have the ability to produce resin. Cannabis cultivators utilize fan leaves as a security system for growing their plants. This is because fan leaves are often the primary hub for pesky insects. Additionally, these types of leaves can inform a grower of plant issues such as malnutrition, overfeeding, root rot and more.

How do Sugar Leaves affect My Cannabis?

If you are not a cannabis cultivator, you may be wondering how sugar leaves can affect your cannabis experience. As aforementioned, sugar leaves contain a modest amount of THC trichomes. Logically, the more sugar leaves that are present on your cannabis, the more potent your bud will be. Additionally, when smoking sugar leaf-laden cannabis, the abundance of THC trichomes can increase the chances of the cannabis being ‘harsh.’ Thanks to the abundance of sugar leaves and trichomes, cannabis consumers often prefer the presences of sugar leaves.

Do Fan Leaves affect Consuming Cannabis?

Conversely, cannabis consumers usually do not prefer the presence of fan leaves on their buds. This is because the presence of phytonutrients and resin tend to make the cannabis cough-inducing and less favorable than sugarleaf-laden cannabis. Fan leaves are often removed during the manicuring stage so that cultivators have a favorable as well as marketable product. Even though fan leaves contain resin, they often do not provide a respectable amount of THC.


Now that you have received a crash course in cannabis leaves, it is clear to see which variation of leaf is preferred by cannabis cultivators as well as consumers. As aforementioned, sugar leaves have the ability to increase the potency as well as the overall experience of ingesting cannabis. Moreover, even the consumers who do not primarily smoke cannabis can get behind the abundance of sugar leaves. This is because the leaves are potent enough to infuse them in a medium to produce cannabutter, oil and even tinctures. So the next time your friend ask you ‘what do these weird leaves even do?’ You can promptly inform him that sugar leaves naturally make all cannabis better.

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