The Keys to Successful Cannabis Cultivation

The world is comprised of slew of elements. Some can help, others can hinder. When it comes to growing cannabis, your choice of soil is imperative. The elements you feed your cannabis plant are the factors that affect your plant life, yield of buds and overall health of the cannabis. Seasoned growers will tell you that these 3 periodic elements are the key to enriching your soil that can virtually boost your cannabis yields.


Often recognized as one part of the ‘soil trinity’, Nitrogen (N) is a vital part to overall plant vitality. The average grower recognizes Nitrogen as a ‘fertilizer’. However, Nitrogen possesses a slew of other beneficial properties. For cannabis to produce the proper sugars as well as photosynthesize effectively, Nitrogen is crucial. Thanks to this macronutrient, your cannabis yields those luscious thick hunter green leaves and bountiful buds. Conversely, most professional growers will inform you that your cannabis needs less Nitrogen during the flowering stage.


The second part of the trinity goes to Potassium (K). Most people when they hear the term ‘potassium’ think of Bananas. However, this macronutrient is extremely integral in the health of your cannabis plants. It is also recognized as a fertilizer. When included in soil, potassium has the ability to promote effective water use, deter harmful pathogens and even strengthen your cannabis plants on a cellular level. Moreover, Potassium prevents the yellowing of your cannabis leaves, which is a symptom of a cannabis plant stricken with a plant disease. By including the proper percentage of Potassium in your soil, you can better promote the overall vitality of your cannabis plant.


Last but not least is the tertiary piece of the soil trinity: Phosphorous (P). This element is also a macronutrient with its own share of tremendous properties. Similar to Nitrogen, Phosphorous plays a huge role in the photosynthesis of your cannabis plants. Thanks to Phosphorous, energy absorbed by the cannabis plant can effectively distribute its energy and nutrients throughout the parts of the cannabis. The metabolic control held by Phosphorus is essential to the overall plant health. Adding the appropriate amount of Phosphorus to your soil can yield fantastic results when it is time to harvest your cannabis.

Final thoughts on cannabis cultivation

Now that you have a better understanding of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium, it is time to learn the balance between these macronutrients. Most products group these three fertilizers together as ‘N-P-K’ due to their periodic table representation. All plants, including cannabis, need a certain percentage of the 3 for optimal vegetation and flowering. In regards to cannabis, most professional growers will tell you high levels of Nitrogen as well as Potassium with your Phosphorus levels during the vegetative stage is quite ideal. When flowering your cannabis, it is preferred that growers cut way back on the Nitrogen while providing medium and high levels of phosphorus and potassium respectfully.

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