A Look at Live Resin

With cannabis consumption growing to an all-time high, more heightened methods of cannabis consumption have appeared. One of the trendiest methods of ingesting cannabis or cannabinoids is that of cannabis concentrates. Moreover, the current trending topics of the cannabis concentrates conversation is undoubtedly Live Resin. Let’s dab and dive into Live Resin and how it provides a different experience in comparison to its peers of cannabis concentrates.

The beginning of Live Resin

Live resin is a type of cannabis concentrate that is prepared by utilizing a technique that uses cannabis and freezes it to extremely cool temperatures before and during the extraction process. Considering cannabis concentrates, Live resin is fairly new to the concentrate game. Its origins are often noted at some point between 2009 to 2012 with a handful of extractors as well as growers. In this group was a man called William Fenger, and a mysterious figure known as ‘Giddy Up’ were the two originators largely responsible for introducing Live Resin to the cannabis concentrate wave.

Moreover, this was done by creating a specialized BHO (or Butane Hash Oil) extractor with the ability to maintain the incredibly low temperatures necessary to produce Live Resin cannabis concentrates. Add a dash of ingenuity fused that with their mission of utilizing ultra-chilled even frozen plant material for the cannabis concentrate. By using freshly frozen cannabis, the trichomes would be easily extractable into the concentrate. In unison, Giddy Up and Kind Bill were able to create methods able to extract cannabis concentrates heavily loaded with extremely high levels of terpenes and trichomes, making it quite the new contender among the heavy-hitting Cannabis Concentrates.

Live Resin vs. other cannabis concentrates

One of the key elements that provides a difference from BHO extracts and other Cannabis Concentrates is the intensive amount of terpenes that can be found in Live Resin. This distinguishing element separates Live Resin from other Cannabis Concentrates is the terpene content that these extracts tend to contain. Usually, Live Resin will present more of a vigorous terpene concentration level versus the traditional cured BHO extracts. Combine that with the ability to produce a more sharp aroma, higher and more perplexing profiles of terpenes to provide a more intensive psychoactive experience via the cannabinoid THC.

What does Live Resin look like?

At this rate, most cannabis consumers can successfully identify cannabis concentrates such as wax, shatters, dabs and more. Live Resin provides a slight difference from BHO extracts; one of these differences is the viscosity. Live Resin often appears to be more runny versus solidified shatter or thick-dripping dabs. Live Resin often appears in a the same various shades of gold and amber as most cannabis concentrates, but more chunky, yet thin profile. Moreover, due to the overwhelming terpene content found in Live Resin, the aroma will often be more intense versus other Cannabis Concentrates. If you have encountered a concentrate that is golden in color and runny like a nose in December, then chances are you have stumbled across some Live Resin.

The future of Live Resin in the cannabis industry

This core difference from BHO extracts is riding the current wave of cannabis consumers: flavor. Terpenes such as myrcene, limonene, and pinene can be easily isolated into Live Resin with some producers providing as much as 10% of the isolated terpenes. With the advancement of cannabis continually growing widespread (pun intended) across the globe, consumers have moved towards using cannabis concentrates more often than a few years ago. Additionally, these same cannabis consumers crave variety; With over 100 discovered terpenes and countless strains of cannabis discovered, Live Resin answers the call of providing an intense medicated feeling in the form of extremely flavorful taste of Live Resin.

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