Five Strains worth Your Time this Summer

With cannabis loves constantly experimenting with the crossbreeding of cannabis, new strains are unearthed on a daily basis. Here are five trendy cannabis strains that everyone needs to try before summer is over!

Strawberry Sorbet

The first worthy strain is Strawberry Sorbet. This new strain of cannabis deserves your attention. This strain is a fusion between Heirloom Swiss Strawberry and Sorbet. Most of the flavor possessed by Strawberry Sorbet is thanks to the terpenes of Heirloom Swiss Strawberry. The buds of Strawberry Sorbet are dense and vary from medium-to-heavy hues of green with amble golden hairs. Consumers enjoy the smooth, velvet taste of Strawberry Sorbet. Additionally, the THC content in Strawberry Sorbet is exceptionally high, yielding an intense euphoria. Since Strawberry Sorbet is majority Indica, consumers can expect a couch-locking experience. Be sure to get a scoop or two of Strawberry Sorbet while supplies last!

Vanilla Frosting

Next up is on the list of worthy strains is Vanilla Frosting. This hybrid cannabis strain has gained a multitude of traction over the course of the last few months. Vanilla Frosting is the product of Humboldt OG and Humboldt Frost. The strain gets its name from its overly abundant amount of trichomes giving it a sugary and frosted appearance. Upon taste, Vanilla Frosting presents notes of herbs and pine. There are also mild peppery undertones. Vanilla Frosting has an intensely high amount of THC. Cannabis cultivators have also identified this strain of hosting high amounts of CBG, unlike any other strain currently on the market.

Gluberry (or ‘Glueberry’)

This next one is quite the doozy. Glueberry is a fairly new strain of cannabis that is a cross between Gorilla Glue #4 (now known as ‘Original Glue’) and Blueberry with fortified Ruderalis genetics. The product is a dark-colored bud severely dusted in trichomes, giving it a sugary appearance. Upon inhalation, Glueberry gives off overwhelming notes of Blueberry as well floral and almost undetectable cloves. Additionally, Glueberry hosts a heavy 22% THC per gram. This strain of cannabis will provide users with a relaxing high that will last longer than expected. Its Indica traits make this strain great for consumers in search of a strain to assist with pain and Insomnia. This strain is guaranteed to you glue you to the couch as the parents have done in the past.

Pink Kush

When a name like Pink Kush, this strain has to be legendary. Pink Kush is a cross between Indica-heavy OG Kush and a currently unknown strain. Cannabis cultivators often associate Pink Kush with the legendary Barneys Farms who has brought us countless rememberable strains such as LSD. Pink Kush often presents itself as dense, earthy green buds with red hairs that almost appear, you guessed it: pink. Upon inhalation, Pink Kush presents the consumer with an aroma similar to that of candy with hints of vanilla. Users have noted that Pink Kush presents a powerful and relaxing high. If you are in search of a new strain of cannabis to help alleviate moderate pain and restlessness, then Pink Kush is certainly worth a try.

Grizzly Purple

The last new strain of cannabis that is about to gain the attention of consumers this season is Grizzly Purple. This strain is the product of Purple Afghani and Critical Kush. Upon inspection, Grizzly Purple is slammed with shades of indigo and violet with an unfair amount of green to supplement. However, Grizzly Purple only hosts a mild amount of THC, ranging from 9 to 13% per gram. Additionally, the CBD content is moderate, sitting above 0.6 %. This makes Grizzly Purple a great strain for assisting with pain without getting molded into your recliner. This strain may be the perfect strain to deal with bodily ailments while still being able to get your list of daily tasks complete.

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