Why Patients are turning to Frozen Cannabis

As cannabis becomes more widespread, cannabis consumers become more fascinated with cannabis cultivation. one such style includes freezing weed. This fresh-frozen cannabis technique is embedded more in horticultural science than many cannabis consumers tend to believe. However, we must answer the question currently on the minds of cannabis consumers and cultivators alike: ‘Why?’ What is the reason for creating fresh-frozen cannabis? Is it like meat? Does cannabis fair better when the biological clock is suspended in cryogenic animation? Let’s take a deep dive into understanding this once urban legend now turned scientific advancement of cannabis cultivation technique.

Benefits of freezing weed

Although your average consumer does not have any benefit in creating fresh-frozen cannabis, most cannabis cultivators have a slew of things to gain with frozen cannabis. Cannabis cultivators are freezing cannabis due to the science associated with the stimulating plant. It is a scientific fact that by freezing cannabis, cannabinoids such as the psychoactive THC, non-psychoactive CBD as well as terpenes associated with the strain of cannabis become significantly easier to extract. Cannabis extracts such as live resin, cannabis concentrates, and isolated cannabinoids can be created with the fresh-frozen cannabis technique.

The science behind frozen cannabis

As aforementioned, this technique is grounded in science more than it is stabilized in urban myths. By freezing the buds of cannabis, compounds such as cannabinoids, terpenes, and more are brought to the physical and metaphorical forefront of the buds in question. By pushing the cannabis compounds to the – This is why cold buds often are not sticky to the touch; the chilly temperatures make the trichomes and cannabinoids more manageable but less tangible. Under a magnifying glass, the cannabis cultivators can see how the sticky fur by way of the frozen trichomes and cannabinoids has ‘coagulated’ as well as become ‘concentrated’ to the outer layers of the buds of cannabis. In theory, by bringing these cannabis compounds to the forefront, the bud can become more potent when creating cannabis extracts and concentrates such as live resin, wax, and more. Now that you understand frozen cannabis and why it can be beneficial, let’s take a look at how to actually use fresh-frozen cannabis.

How companies utilize frozen weed

Despite the title of this article, cannabis cultivators are not freezing their actual crops but the yield. Freezing cannabis that is still growing can be quite a disaster. Similar to most plants, you should not freeze cannabis until your plants have matured and been manicured to smoke or ingest. Do not let semantics ruining your garden. Cannabis cultivators are taking the yield, not the whole crop, and freezing it to create some of the cannabis extracts that your average cannabis consumers can’t seem to get enough of. Cultivators utilize fresh-frozen cannabis with the help of micron bags. These bags are similar to the kief-catching mechanism found in most grinders today. These bags help strip the cannabis buds of their cannabinoids, terpenes and other concentrates. By tossing the frozen cannabis into the micron bags and shaking it like a salt shaker, the concentrated material will exit the cannabis and micron bag, allowing the byproducts to be utilized in other mediums. Cannabis cultivators also utilize this technique with the trim they have accumulated during the growing process. This is because water leaves and trim of the cannabis plant can also house a small number of cannabinoids and terpenes. Once again: growers are not freezing their crops mid-growth, but the mature and manicured buds. If you do this, you may forfeit all of your hard work and have a terrible time.

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