How to Eliminate the Smell of Smoking Weed

We’ve all been there: the house stinks of sticky cannabis, and the family is bound to be back at any moment. What should you do? What can you do? Depending on how much time you have, it may already be too late to hide your OG Kush-filled day at home. However, next time, consider the following tips when attempting to reduce the smell when smoking cannabis. 

Ventilate early. Ventilate often.

The first piece of advice when attempting to reduce the smell when smoking weed is ventilation. It is of the utmost importance that you allow for the cannabis (and yourself) to breathe. Cannabis is chock full of cannabinoids. These are the essential oils of cannabis. Similar to virtually all essential oils, cannabinoids have their own distinctive scents. Terpenes such as Limonene, Pinene, and Mycerene are incredibly detectable. 

Furthermore, the smoke of any kind has a very high chance of lingering and attaching itself to most breathable fabrics such as nylon, cotton, microfiber, and more. One easy way to reduce the smell of smoking weed is to allow yourself ample ventilation in the vicinity with the least amount of breathable fabrics. Smoke can’t linger if it can be wisped away. Go outside.

Essential oils

As aforementioned, essential oils can be pretty intense. However, this can also work to your advantage. Consider purchasing an essential oil diffuser that will mist while you are burning that gassy Blue Dream. Provide your smoking area with more ventilation as well as a strong cutting scent such as the citrus of lemons and oranges or mint. This, in theory, will keep the air moving in your vicinity as well as provide your housemates with a delightful and uplifting fragrance. Be sure to give yourself enough time for the diffuser to run 4x as long as your initial smoke session.

Smoke-eliminating accessories

Don’t just stop at the essentials oil diffuser. Cannabis companies manufacture products for this exact scenario. A sploof is a handheld device designed to help reduce the smell of smoking cannabis. One of the most popular brands of spoofs is Smoke Buddy. Most consumers swear by sploofs as they house an industrial carbon air filter, zapping all odors. 

Moreover, there are air sanitizers such as Ozium that provide consumers with a fresh aroma, literally eating the carcinogens out of the air. Air sanitizers are designed differently than air fresheners. They feature chemicals along with scents such as citrus, outdoors, and even new cars. Double down here, and no one will be the wiser.

Get your cannabis a different way

An additional yet costly method of reducing the smell of smoking weed is by getting a vape. A vaporizer utilizes an atomizer in conjunction with a battery to burn dry cannabis flowers or liquid extracts such as concentrates housed in a glass tank (or cartridge). Vaporizers produce vapors, which are significantly thinner than smoke. This, in theory, will create more of a heated smell than a cannabis scent. A vape is not failproof; this method alone does not always solve reducing the smell of smoking cannabis.

Hakuna Matata – Don’t worry about it

The last way to reduce the smell of smoking weed is to simply not worry about it. As conflicting as this may sound, considering earlier tips, not worrying about it can be very helpful. A survey conducted five years ago shows that more than 22 million adults admitted to smoking cannabis daily. Chances are your roommate, coworker, mechanic, and grandfathers all induce cannabis. Keep it professional. However, don’t think about it too much if you genuinely don’t have to. The smoke will diffuse properly by following the steps listed above.

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