Things to Remember when Enjoying Edibles

Over the course of the last decade, edibles have grown immensely in popularity. More cannabis consumers are turning to alternative methods to smoking cannabis, leading them right to edibles. Furthermore, cannabis dispensaries have opened the floodgates by providing edibles outside of the typical brownies and cookies. However, enjoying edibles can be confusing to first-time eaters and underinformed stoners. Here are five crucial tips on how to safely enjoy edibles.

Adhere to the guidelines of the product.

Similar to any medicinal product, be sure to follow the guidelines listed on the edible packaging. Every edible sold is required to provide important information and warnings requiring the edible. Some critical factors that can be on edible packaging include:

  • Overall dosage
  • Dosage per serving
  • Information on adverse health effects
  • Product data (i.e., harvest date,manufacture date, location of packaging, RFID notes, strains used, % of cannabinoids, and more)

Do not be duped by the sweet treats in your local dispensary. These sweet treats are still medicinal. This means that they come equipped with therapeutic recommendations like any other form of medicine. Be sure to follow the guidelines set forth by the manufacturer of the edibles.

Moderation is the name of game.

Anyone who has had the opportunity of consuming an edible will tell you that not much is required to onset the effects of edibles. As tempting as it might sound, do not consume the entire edible in one sitting. Most companies have designed their edibles to be perforated, making the recommended servings instantly identifiable.

Moderating your Time of Dosage, or simply TOD, is just as important as moderating your edible servings. Remember: edibles are broken down and absorbed in the stomach, similar to any other food. Some individuals digest things faster than others. Conversely, some people have a slow digestion tract. This will lead them to prematurely consuming another dose because ‘nothing is happening.’ Be patient. You will know when the edible hits you.

Always consider your tolerance.

Similar to any other form of cannabis consumption, be sure to factor in your tolerance to cannabis. If you have a low tolerance or are a first-time eater, adhere to the recommended dosage listed on your product. If you are a veteran cannabis connoisseur, consider doubling the recommended dosage. Remember: this isn’t a contest to see who can get the most stoned,’ but medicinal forms of cannabis are designed to give each consumer a tailored experience.

Consume edibles where you are most comfortable.

One of the essential tips when consuming edibles is to ensure you are in a safe, confirmable, and recognizable environment. This is tantamount due to the intense euphoric, and sometimes hallucinogenic effects edibles can have on consumers of all levels. By ensuring you are in a safe environment to consume edibles, you can cut down on your chances of having a bad trip (or a highly unpleasant edible experience.)

Additionally, the ambiance is just as important as the physical environment. Consider well-lit rooms, scents and fragrances, positive visuals, and media with minimal distractions. Conversely, dosing in a dark room full of Halloween costumes and creepy tones can gear your brain up for unpleasant imagery.

Dont eat them all because they’re good.

Finally, avoid overeating when consuming cannabis-filled sweets. Since edibles are medicinal, most individuals feel the need to finish the edible with food. Additionally, once the edible has an onset, side effects such as increased appetite can lead you to consider answering your case of the munchies. Overeating after consuming an edible is quite common but ultimately should be avoided. Overeating under the influence of edibles can lead to cyclic vomiting and excessive sweating. Just remember: the edible is the munchie.

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