Exploring Vaping and Dabbing

The cannabis industry continues to boom like no other industry before it. Lately, the allure of dab pens and vape pens has overtaken the eye of cannabis consumers. Nevertheless, the average consumer can not correctly identify the difference between the two. Let’s take a look at dab pens, vape pens, as well as their harmonious cannabis concentrates.

BHO and wax

Butane Hash Oil is made in conjunction with extracts. The butane blasts through a tube stuffed with dry cannabis flowers to extract as much THC and terpenes as possible, the essential oils of cannabis. This yields the dabs that you have probably seen on dispensary top shelves. Dabbing simply refers to the act of consuming a dab. The typical weight of one ‘dab hit’ is approximately 1/10th of a gram. These dabs require a ‘rig’ or the water pipe exclusively designed to maintain the extreme heat needed to activate concentrates and extracts. Due to the concentrated nature of cannabis extracts, consumers only require a tiny amount to obtain the desired and intense effects.

Dab and dab-like accessories

The term dab refers to a tiny but adequate amount of concentrated cannabis. Although various ways to create these concentrates, manufacturers make dabs using the earlier method, known as BHO. BHO is short for Butane Hash Oil. When it comes to the appearance of dabs, BHO often appears in the shade similar to that of a golden or amber color with an extremely low viscosity. The low density allows this ‘king of concentrates its sticky and molasses-like fluidity. Moreover, some instruments enable users to consume these extracts, similar to vape pens.

Cartridges for vapes and the such

In contrast to dabbing, there is vaping. Vaping is the act of ingesting concentrated oils or dry cannabis flowers by essentially vaporizing the plant material. The previous method of consuming cannabis happens by using a vaporizer (or vape pen), a device designed to multiple high temperatures to produce the desired effects of THC. Additionally, vaporizers can activate different cannabinoids, unlike dabbing. Since cannabinoids such as THC and CBD have different activation temperatures, a vaporizer is a perfect instrument to customize the desired effects associated with each cannabinoid, respectively. Vaporizers also come in a slew of styles. Some vaporizers are limited to the use of dry grounded cannabis flowers. These types of vaporizers usually consist of a battery, atomizer, heating coil, and glass tube. The reverse end of the glass tube holds up to 3/10th of a gram of ground cannabis.

Conversely, there are vaporizers designed that are only compatible with concentrates and wet extracts. At this point, the distillate carts come in. The distillate is the end product of an undiluted pure cannabis concentrate pressed with terpenes to create a consumable oil. These distillates turn into distillate carts that are often compatible with these forms of vaporizers. These types of vaporizers also utilize a battery, atomizer, and heating coil. However, these types of vapes do not use a glass tube. In place of these tubes are cartridges pre-sealed with concentrates and extracts. These cartridges are often extracts of known cannabis strains to provide a potent and tasty effect for the consumer.

The scary reality of vaping and dabbing in 2021

In recent years, many forms of vaping and dabbing have gone under scrutiny. The uproar surrounding vaping and dabbing is due to the current widespread of black market vape cartridges. These underground carts contain known harmful carcinogens and pesticides. These black-market cartridges are currently at the forefront of cannabis conversation in the media. The increased number of hospitalizations associated with vaping is at an all-time high. Be sure to only purchase vape pens, dab pens, and distillates from a licensed dispensary.

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