4 Stoners Who Attended the 2021 Met Gala

Kanye West was our pick for Best Dressed and it wasn’t even close.

The long-awaited Met Gala 2021 has arrived! We are sure there were plenty who were best dressed etc., but what about the cannabis population? Was the cannabis community in attendance at the 2021 Met Gala? The short answer is – You bet your expensive fabric we were! Here are some cannabis influencers or cannabis-friendly celebrities who popped out at the 2021 Met Gala.

Quick history of the Met Gala

The Met Gala was established near 70 years ago in 1948. It is was established as a fundraising outlet for the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, located in New York City. The Met Gala is held every year during the first week of May. However, the COVID-19 pandemic derailed the traditional calendar. Thanks to Elanor Lambert of the Costume Institute in the late ‘40s, the Met Gala is the drastic and elegant fashion spectacle and successful fundraiser it is today.

A$AP Rocky

New York native A$AP Rocky is not a n00b when it comes to the Met Gala. The multi-platinum artist showed up in some exciting shaw we are not going to attempt to describe. However, we must admit: it looked very cozy. A$AP Rocky has been a significant component of cannabis reform in his community. Recently, New York legalized cannabis and is working to implement it accordingly. A$AP Rocky continues his cannabis journey with proper cannabis education and other cannabis-friendly ventures. At this point, it is fair to assume A$AP Rocky is will on his way to getting involved in cannabis ventures with his girlfriend (who is up next on our list.)


Also in attendance at the Met Gala 2021 alongside the Captain Crunchberry snuggie A$AP Rocky worked was his girlfriend and future child’s mother: Rihanna. This woman is not only known for her music but her line of beauty products known as Fenty. Recently, Rihanna’s makeup line was estimated to be worth nearly $1B. Rihanna dabs in cannabis culture with some of her health and beauty products. Some products are even cannabis-friendly, including hemp-based moisturizers. It is safe to assume Rihanna didn’t blaze it up before the Met Gala as she is whispered to be pregnant. However, it is safe to assume her cannabis influence will only continue to grow. 

Travis Scott

Kardashian clanmate and Met Gala usual Travis Scott also showed up (alongside many Kardashians.) Another multi-platinum artist and cannabis influencer, Scott, has been making green moves since his debut album “Rodeo.” Travis Scott’s innovativeness knows no bounds; Last year, Scott broke records with his live in-game concert held in Fortnite, a popular game within itself. Millions of gamers and streamers logged on to see Travis Scott’s avatar perform live music from his catalog.

Kanye West

If you thought Yeezus was going to miss the 2021 Met Gala, you are sadly mistaken. Kanye West was in attendance alongside his soon-to-be ex-wife Kim Kardashian. However, the multi-platinum artist is probably gaining the most buzz from Met Gala 2021, likely due to his attire. West was blacked out from head to toe. It was like a green screen suit… but black. His wife matched Kanye’s attire in a very similar outfit. Despite this, Kanye West is having a successful 2021. Less than a month ago, Kanye released the studio album DONDA while on the titular tour. It has already grossed over a billion listens on streaming platforms. West also rake millions in touring and merchandise for the album. We’re sure he will get back to cannabis-related investments once the DONDA album pub runs slow down.

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