Five Strains Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

This week marks the beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month. During this time, people of Hispanic (and Latinx) descent celebrate their heritage with family, fellowship, friends, and other fun-filled activities. There is a moderate population of celebrators who indulge in cannabis during Hispanic Heritage Month. Here are some cannabis strains that have Mexican heritage.

History of cannabis in Mexico

Cannabis and Mexico have a tumultuous relationship. During the early 1900s, Mexico collaborated with the United States to eradicate much of the naturally-growing strains of cannabis. Theoretically, there is a chance that mass eradication of wild cannabis led to many strains being extinct. Today, Mexico has turned a new (Sativa) leaf. Many countries are legalizing and decriminalizing cannabis all across Mexico. 


Chocolope is a Sativa-heavy hybrid strain of cannabis with roots in Mexico. This strain is a fusion of the Chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze strains. Both Thai and Haze have been linked back to the wildlands of Ancient Mexico. When examining the aroma of Chocolope, this strain of cannabis unleashes earthy and mild sweet tones. Some patients of this Mexican strain believe that the buds of Chocolope often reveal a fragrance comparable to that of a newly brewed cup of house-style coffee. Chocolope also contains a moderate amount of the psychoactive cannabinoid THC ranging from 17 to 22% THC. Pick up some Chocolope and keep Hispanic Heritage Month going all year long!

Amnesia Haze

Another strain of cannabis with ‘Hispanic heritage’ is Amnesia Haze. Don’t let its name derail you; this Cannabis Sativa strain is excellent for sparking creativity. Amnesia Haze has quite the Mexican lineage, hailing from Thai, Haze, Hawaiian, Jamaican, and even Cambodian strains. The strains Thai and Haze are believed to be of Mexican origin. With all of these Mexican Sativa strains birthing Amnesia Haze, this strain is sure to be worth your time during Hispanic Heritage Month. The taste profile of Amnesia Haze is also worth noting. This strain of cannabis brings a citrusy, sweet, and pine-like flavor. Consider indulging in Amnesia Haze all month long!

Skunk #1

The Skunk strain dates all the way back to the late ‘70s. Skunk #1 (because there are a few) is a strain of cannabis with a vague background. Many cannabis researchers believe Skunk #1 to be a blend of Acapulco Gold, Columbian Gold, and Afghani. Acapulco Gold and Columbian Gold are both direct descendants of the Mexico wildlands. Upon the initial puff, Skunk #1 reveals a heavy pine-like and skunky fragrance (hence the name Skunk #1.) Due to the age of Skunk #1, cannabis enthusiasts believe this strain to be a cornerstone of many hybrid strains of cannabis we all enjoy today.

Neville’s Haze

Another impactful strain worth your time during Hispanic Heritage Month is Neville’s Haze. This hazy strain has been around for quite some time. Neville’s Haze was birthed from Holland. However, the genes of Neville’s Haze originate from Mexico. Fun fact: this strain gets its moniker from the founder of a cannabis seed bank in Holland: Neville Shoemakers. Neville’s Haze is a Cannabis Sativa strain with pure haze genetics (again –  Thanks to Mexico.) Due to this feat, Neville’s Haze has helped create some of the most popular haze strains today. Some might even say that there would be no Neville’s Haze if it were not for Mexico. Heck, there is a good chance that a variety of Haze strains would not exist if it were not for Mexico’s fertile and luscious ecosystem.

Be sure to try all of these strains as the festivities continue (we recommend the Amnesia Haze.) Happy Hispanic Heritage Month!

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