Why Cannabis Consumers are Turning to Magic Mushrooms

As the industry continues to make political and economical advancements, patients are becoming more comfortable with natural and holistic medicine like psychedelic mushrooms. But why?

Understanding magic mushrooms

Magic mushrooms are mushrooms that invoke psychedelic and hallucinogenic effects. This is due to the active chemical found, known as Psilocybin. Psilocybin is the active ingredient found in many species of psychedelic mushrooms. Numerically, the level of abundance makes Psilocybin mushrooms the most attractive, naturally abundant psychedelic drug on Earth. Psilocybin is typically found in the wilderness. Nevertheless, magic mushrooms also can be grown in the privacy of the home. Magic mushrooms are marketed both fresh and dried, with more purchases leaning towards the latter. Hands-down, the most widespread species of psilocybin mushrooms is Psilocybe Cubensis.

The etymology of magic mushrooms is controversial. Some patients believe the term derives from the famous video game franchise Super Mario Bros. Some patients disagree; some believe that mushrooms were deemed as ‘magic’ a decade before the turtle-topping plumber’s release, as mentioned above. Nevertheless, patients agree on one idea: magic mushrooms are astonishingly psychoactive.

Magic mushrooms in ancient times

Many years ago, healers utilized magic mushrooms in a variety of ways. One such type of mushroom for ancient medicinal purposes is the Reishi Mushrooms. These mushrooms, which are referred to ass Lingzhi, date as far back as cannabis. Some historians believe it to be even further than cannabis. Reishi Mushrooms were recorded as early as 102 B.C during the Han Dynasty of Ancient China. During this period, there was a large amount of mysticism surrounding the ‘magic’ associated with psychedelic mushrooms’ consumption. 

During this period, Reishi Mushrooms were classified as the red or sanguine mushrooms required for a peak-performing heart. The additional five categories of medicating mushrooms also distinguished by color are linked to a medicinal benefit. During this time, many healers believed that Reishi Mushrooms were directly responsible for granting its consumers immortality. Theoretically, It could be why Super Mario gains an additional life following consuming a sanguine mushroom. Yes, we are back on the Super Mario mushroom theory since the game is profoundly rooted in China’s dynasty (and Japan’s) Feudal customs. Reishi Mushrooms are still widely available and consumed today.

Magic mushrooms in 2021

These days, magic mushrooms are as prevalent as they were during the Counterculture Era of the 1970s. Despite the immense popularity, only a fraction of people confess to consuming magic mushrooms at some point in their adult life. However, we here at Stickyleaf expect that number to increase significantly in the coming years. The stigma associated with drugs such as magic mushrooms is becoming archaic and unappealing. Furthermore, an even smaller number understood how psychedelic mushrooms actually work (whether they have tried shrooms or not.) Some patients only know that psychogenic mushrooms are intensely hallucinogenic.

Microdosing magic ‘shrooms

Patients believe that the common dose of psychedelic mushrooms ranges from 3 to 5 grams. This volume of dried mushrooms usually contains 2 to 4 grams of the active chemical psilocybin. Despite this, in a clinical setting, patients experienced a mountainous 14 to 25 grams of psychedelic mushrooms. If you’ve done ‘shrooms, you know that 14 grams are ALOT within itself. Now, magic mushroomers (yes, ‘mushroomer’ is 100% a real word) find themselves microdosing the active chemical psilocybin. It is thought that microdosing mushrooms provide moderate effects without exhausting too much of the patient’s tolerance.

Finally, psyche mushrooms are usually consumed by adults who have a butt load of ‘adulting’ to do every day. It would be next to unmanageable (and undesirable) to get errands complete on an active dose of psyche mushrooms. It would be social self-destruction to consume the aforementioned clinical amount of magic mushrooms while attempting to get through the task of the day.

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