Cannabis and Your Sexual Health

The cannabis industry is not foreign to the allure of romance and sexual health. Last year, hundreds of cannabis companies concentrated on creating a balance between sexual health and bud. Last Summer, the state of Illinois brought in more than $100 million in cannabis sales. Cannabis products related to sexual health and fertility likely represented a considerable portion of those record-breaking sales. These cannabis companies have created and tailored cannabis products specifically designed for activities surrounding sex. They have also geared products for hormone regulation and fertility. Some of the most attractive products offered by these companies include topicals such as massage lotions and cannabinoid-infused massage oil. Cannabis companies also have provided couples with edibles designed to be consumed prior ‘doing the do.’ Here is what you need to know about how cannabis affects your hormones and sexual wellbeing.

The Endocannabinoid System (ECS)

Most people are aware of the Endocannabinoid System and how it affect our bodies. The Endocannabinoid System in the human body network is tasked with the administration and metabolization of cannabis and cannabinoids. The Endocannabinoid System is also recalled as the ECS. The Endocannabinoid System is also instilled in other mammals and a handful of amphibians. The ECS contains a system of nodes commonly referred to as receptors. The ECS receptors respond to the cannabinoids in all strains of cannabis. The Endocannabinoid System was foudn in the mid ’80s. Two college researchers were able to find virtually all of the nodes belonging to the Endocannabinoid System. The majority of CB2 receptors can be found within the digestive tract of most mammals. Other researchers believe a link exists between cannabis’ ability to fight off Crohn’s Disease and the geography of CB2 receptors in the body. The other receptors, CB1 receptors can be found mainly in the brain.

Cannabis and emotional wellbeing

Euphoria is often associated with cannabis and sex. There is a moderate amount of sensuality often associated with cannabis and hormone. Cannabis companies that offer relevant products understand this concept more than most companies. Smoking cannabis before, during, and after sex can be enjoyable. Cannabis companies have designed cannabis-related products to optimize that experience—some edibles tailor to mimic that of an aphrodisiac –. Additionally, there is a line of dermal products such as lotions and sensual cannabinoid creams to turn up the heat in the bedroom. Patients can also find CBD and THC massage oil to provide you or your partner with a surreal experience.

Cannabis and sexual wellness

Another believed benefit often associated with cannabis consumption is its effects on a patient’s fertility. Research has shown that the body’s ECS can help with the regulation of libido and fertility. This is likely due to how the ECS can trigger the appropriate hormonal associated with fertility and reproduction. It is also worth noting that cannabis has vasodilating properties. This allows for the proper amount of blood to circulate within the sexual organs. It is worth noting that the latter occurs more in men than it does in women. 

Connections between cannabis and sexual health

Cannabis and sexual health are two things that go hand-in-hand. Most adults consume cannabis while engaging in sexual activity. Adults choose to consume cannabis before sex because it can increase the levels of pleasure associated with the act. Moreover, cannabis can have a positive effect on fertility and reproduction. Claims stating that cannabis has adverse effects on fertility haven’t been evaluated.

Cannabis and sexual wellness in the future

This year, cannabis companies are looking to incorporate sex and the cannabis plant now more than ever. Despite the pandemic, economic publications claim that the cannabis industry will surpass $200 billion by 2030. Cannabis products for sexual wellbeing surely will play a vital role in advancing the cannabis economy.

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