Understanding the Vegetative Stage of Cannabis Cultivation

Just like life in any form of life, plants go through cycles as they age and grow. The period of growth between the germination and flowering stages is the vegetative stage of plant growth. During the vegetative stages, plants are constantly working to activate necessary processes such as photosynthesis and accumulating materials needed for cannabis flowering and reproduction. These same can be applied to the growth of Cannabis. This article will briefly discuss how the vegetative stage during Cannabis cultivation is integral to the plant development and flowering stage, yielding the luxurious buds you are working hard to cultivate.

The vegetative stage

Different types of plants show different growth habits. The vegetative stage of Cannabis is the point of the plant’s growth where the Cannabis begins to really flourish. During this time, you have passed the germination and seedling stages. You have already sprouted your seeds, planted them into smaller pots, transplanted your Cannabis plants into larger pots, with your foliage and root systems developing healthily and rapidly. This is also the time to start training (taming) your Cannabis plants. As a general rule of thumb, the spacing between the nodes ought to denote the type of Cannabis you are growing. Indica plants have a tendency to remain smaller and more compact. Conversely, while growing Cannabis sativa, these plants tend to grow outward, gangly, and less dense in foliage versus Cannabis Indica plants. Be wary of increasing your watering as your Cannabis plant develops during the vegetative stage. When your Cannabis plant is in its early stages, your plants will need more water near the stalk. However, as your Cannabis plants grow larger and roots grow outwards, it is advantageous to start watering away from the stalk to allow the tip of the roots system to absorb it more efficiently.

Maintaining your cannabis during the veggie stage

Once your plants hit the peak of their vegetative stage, you can grant your plants light for up to a full 24 hours. This method will better simulate the night yielding the plants up to six hours every 24 hours. Most growers would recommend sodium vapor (SV) or metal halide (MH) type of bulbs to make sure you’re providing the most appropriate light for your Cannabis plants during the vegetative stage. Moreover, Keep the temperature and airflow in your grow room anywhere between 68 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit (or 20 to 25.5 degrees Celsius). The root systems of your Cannabis plants should be maintained at a slightly lower temperature, ideally around 65 degrees Fahrenheit (which was equal to 18 degrees Celsius). Despite this, it is tantamount for the soil to be warm, specifically early on during the vegetative stage. Remember: Plants grow from the bottom up. This means the roots of your Cannabis plants need to continue to develop properly during the Vegetative stage for the rest of the plant to flourish and yield the buds you are grooming for during the next stage: The Flowering period.

Closing remarks

The veggie stage of cannabis is where the plant gets it time to shine. Here, most cannabis cultivators find themselves transplanting their weed due to its rapid development. The vegetative stage of cannabis cultivation is also the stage where growers begin to tame and train their cannabis. Naturally, the veggie stage of cannabis cultivation is also the perfect time to increase your plant’s hydration and nutrients. Again: this stage of cannabis cultivation makes evaluating the sex of the plant easier than the stages prior. It is also the precursor to the flowering stage, making the TLC of utmost importance during this stage.

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