Why Everyone loves LED Lights for Growing Cannabis

The industry continues to expand at an accelerated rate. We have reached a stage in the simulation that no longer frowns upon citizens privately cultivating cannabis. As cannabis markets continue to delve into new frontiers, so do cannabis consumers interested in growing. If you are considering growing Cannabis, then chances are you have bounced around the idea of installing grow space indoors versus outdoors. Here area slew of reasons why you should consider growing cannabis indoors with LED Lights.

Better consistency and cost control

Most growers will tell you that LED lights are more energy-efficient than their High-Pressure Sodium (or HPS) counterparts. Amongst the upper echelon brands of LED grow lights, your grow lights could yield over 75,000 hours of energy for your plants. LED lights are a better bet for growers interested in cost control. Moreover, an LED system can yield a more consistent product versus an HPS setup.

LED Lights can boost yields

Most growers will tell you that an HPS setup is preferred versus LED light when it comes to overall yields. Although there is quite an amount of truth to this, LED grow systems result in a more consistent, potent, and overall beautiful product. This is thanks to the full spectrum capabilities that LED light systems possess. Most of those fancy photos you see on social media with great buds under colorful lights owe their prestige to LED grow lights.

Less maintenance from LED lights

When installing a High-Pressure Sodium light system for your indoor cannabis grow space, there is a litany of things to consider as well as additionally install hardware to maintain an effective HPS light system. Since HPS lights produce more heat than LED lights, the proper exhaust system will be installed to avoid an ill-tempered grow space. This results in you having to monitor your lights and exhaust systems a bit more carefully. LED lights, however, are more ‘grab and go’ compared to their HPS counterparts. LED lights do not produce half as much heat as High-Pressure Sodium bulbs. This results in more control of the temperature in your grow space. Growing is already a complex task. Don’t let your light system add any unnecessary stress to your operation!

Easy installation

Most LED lights are fairly simple to install versus other lighting fixtures and bulbs. Virtually all LED lights on the market today host a fundamental approach to installing LED grow lights. After you have taken care of the fundamentals of creating your grow space (i.e., installing an air circulation system, choosing the appropriate floor plan, etc.) This means that your [product plug?] is pretty much ready out of the box to be installed and hung appropriately in a matter of minutes. Remember, like all light fixtures of all types, it is imperative to make sure you hang your LED light system in conjunction with your prospective plant height in their respective stages, being horticulturally ineffective while remaining cost-effective.

LED lights are less expensive

Almost all growers will confess that LED lights will save you money as they are the most energy-efficient choice on the market versus their previously mentioned counterparts. Lighting systems that are HPS-centric will naturally run up the electricity bill at a more intense rate than LED lights. This type of ‘vamping’ will make growing Cannabis more expensive than it has to be! HPS lights also need a more complex exhaust system to avoid ill-regulating your grow space. Moreover, LED lights are carbon neutral. So, if you are interested in taking the greenest approach (pun intended), LED lights are the way to go.

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