The Current CBD Craze: Helpful or Harmful?

The last decade has seen cannabis become more social and politically accepted across the nation. There are about 3/4th of states in the USA that recognize medicinal and recreational cannabis use or possession. These enactments have ushered in a new green age. Moreover, consumers are flocking towards CBD-rich cannabis. As progressive as this may sound for whole plant medicine, some advocates argue that the over-saturation of CBD products could be detrimental to the destruction of legalized cannabis usage on a conscious level. 

The Reducation of CBD

Despite having all information virtually at our fingertips on the devices in our pockets, the masses are still uneducated about cannabis. CBD, or Cannabidiol, is one of the many compounds found in the cannabis plant. It is mainly known for its non-psychoactive and medicinal properties. The majority of the average consumers do not even understand the distinct differences between cannabis compounds such as CBD, THC, and Hemp. Contrary to popular belief, CBD does not get its consumers ‘high.’ In fact, CBD can counteract the effects of the psychoactive compound THC. Our bodies come naturally equipped with a system of receptors to catalyze the results of the compound. CBD interacts with our Endocannabinoid Systems by attaching itself to our CB1 and CB2 receptors upon ingestion. CBD promotes positive cellular maintenance, brain health, bone health, and even anti-inflammatory properties. These factors, combined with its countless medicinal properties, cause it to be highly appealing to patients. 

The oversaturation of CBD

You walk into your local gas station quickly, spotting pretty, pristine green buds in a top-shelf jar. Then it hits you: this isn’t your typical cannabis. It’s CBD. At first glance, your neighborhood convenience store may appear to be similar to a dispensary. This is because companies big and small are cashing in on the CBD craze. CBD is virtually legal in all 50 states. CBD has wedged itself not only into the holistic (whole plant medicine) industry but beverages, confections, moisturizers, eye drops, and even CBD-infused chicken wings. That’s right: CBD now comes fried, seasoned, and full of calories. Is CBD food not your thing? There are also CBD-infused liquid cough medicines (i.e. ‘Soothe Syrup.’). Today, you can purchase a ‘non-GMO vegan cage-free CBD infused’ cigarillo (tobacco wrap.) With muddled adjectives such as those, it is evident to see the path of destruction CBD is ambling down. This type of over-saturation of CBD will turn the compound into a fad, yielding a negative effect on all things cannabis.

Deep-fried butter, fidget Spinners and CBD

What do silly bands, fidget spinners, deep-fried butter, pet rocks, and CBD all have in common? These products come from humble beginnings but were nothing more than a fad to be soon forgotten. The trend of CBD can be a slippery slope for the ongoing legal and social acceptance of THC. Some advocates believe that the countless CBD products appearing on the market in different mediums with every new day will cause the masses to be less conscious of cannabis altogether. If we lose awareness of cannabis as a whole plant with multiple canna-compounds, the legal and social battles will become stagnant and irrelevant. For CBD to become professionally acknowledged and medicinally respected, society must avoid turning CBD into a hollow trending topic destined to fade into obscurity along with the rest of the world’s ridiculous fads. Simply put: the more we over-sensationalize CBD, the worse it could be for Cannabis in the long run. Let’s make sure we are doing our part to ensure CBD is doing more help than harm to the overall cause.

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