Why THC-A is Making Headlines this Fall

Cannabis is a complex yet beloved commodity. It is also a budding and lucrative industry worldwide. Researchers and consumers alike are baffled and intrigued by the secrets of cannabis that have yet to be unlocked. New studies reveal new cannabinoids almost daily. One cannabinoid that has become a hot topic is THC-A; What is THC-A and does the cannabinoid possess any health benefits?

Understanding cannabinoids

Cannabinoids are cannabis compounds that belong exclusively to cannabis. These compounds often affect the bud’s physical form, aromatics, and even its potency. Furthermore, cannabis compounds such as THC-A work by tag-teaming with your body’s Endocannabinoid System. The system is also referred to as the ECS. This is a network of nodes and stations present in many mammals. It is the critical system required to digest cannabinoids properly. It is also pointing out that cannabinoids are not the same as terpenes. Terpenes are similar to an aromatic oil versus a molecular compound. Some popular cannabinoids include THC, CBD, CBG, CBN, and others.

How THC-A stands out from other cannabinoids

THC-A, also known as TetraHydroCannabinolic acid, is a cannabis compound that has shown a moderate amount of hope in research and the bud industry. THC-A is not the same as the cannabinoid THC. THC-A has very distinguished properties compared to the previous. Unlike THC, THC-A is a non-psychoactive compound that can be found in cannabis. On a smaller scale, THC-A is formed as the cannabis plant dries. 

Furthermore, THC-A is transformed into THC as a reasonable amount of heat is applied. This indicates that heat accelerates this transformation. This is a process known as decarboxylation. It is the process of simply heating cannabis to convert cannabinoids such as THC into THC-A.

The benefits of THC-A

Early investigations believe that THC-A possesses a range of health benefits. Additionally, thanks to its non-psychoactive properties, consumers can reap the benefits while avoiding intoxication. Some of the health benefits of THC-A include:

  • Decrease inflammation
  • Encourage healthy neurological interactions
  • Lessen nausea and other antiemetic properties
  • Relieve mild to moderate levels of pain
  • Contain muscle spasms

Typical THC-A forms

The most common form of THC-A available comes in the form of a crystalline-like material. These have been referred to as THC-A crystals, THC-A diamonds, or THC-A crystallines. These crystals are pure THC-A. This means that THC-A crystallines will not get you high. Most consumers are more interested in the alluring appeal of THC-A crystals than the health benefits of THC-A. Researchers have been the primary intrigued party regarding the appealing diamonds.

More on THC-A

As aforementioned, THC-A does not get the same treatment as THC or even CBD. This is likely caused by two factors: non-psychoactivity and ignorance. As aforesaid, THC-A does not get its consumers high. However, researchers believe that THC-A possesses a slew of health benefits. The typical cannabis consumer doesn’t know enough about THC-A to be interested. Ironically, this was how CBD was viewed before becoming a famous cannabinoid. Consumers did not know what CBD was or the many health benefits associated with CBD. THC-A will have to take the backseat on the cannabinoid train for now.

The expectations of THC-A in the future

As cannabis research continues, the cannabis industry is poised to grow at an alarming rate. Forbes has predicted that the cannabis industry will exceed $220 billion by the beginning of 2030. This can only be done with market expansion and product variety. Cannabinoids such as THC-A and their alluring ‘THC-A crystalline’ form are working their way into dispensaries across the globe. Individuals searching for maintaining their health without the heavy high will surely boost THC-A’s position in the cannabis industry.

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