The Amazing Feats of Cannabis Technology

The bud industry is surely the fastest-growing industry since the Industrial Revolution. Business Insider thinks the cannabis industry will exceed $250 billion by the end of 2029. Due to the overpowering variety of bud and bud-related products, the sector will certainly destroy those projections sooner than later. Furthermore, technology plays a crucial role in the progression of the cannabis sector. Let’s examine the influence technology has had and will continue to have on the bud industry.

Understanding cannatech

The phrase cannabis technology typically referred to as ‘cannatech,’ is essentially self-explanatory. This is the phrase given to the kinds of technology that particularly further companies within the cannabis industry. Following the pioneering days of recreational and medical cannabis in the early 2000s, tech has played a crucial role for owners, operators, employees, and patients applicable to the cannabis industry.

Examples of cannatech

Cannatech is not exclusive to dispensaries having websites and cannabis menus via smartphone apps. Cannabis technology appears in administration and compliance, logistics and transit, marketing, customer science, and much more.

Product tagging and acquiescence

RFID tagging relates to the tagging of cannabis and cannabis-based products required as outlined by state legislation. These are the tags found on the packaging of cannabis that usually contains information like batch numbers, cultivation dates, and compound information. Every state that offers recreational or medical cannabis is required by law to tag its products. This form of compliance and regulation helps protect patients from products that may not have passed quality control. RFID tags have been successful in admonishing organizations that attempted to pass off inferior and counterfeit cannabis products.

Cannabis logistics and transit

Another foundation of cannabis technology can be found in the logistics and transit branches of the cannabis industry. Cannabis laws are fragile; the laws surrounding cannabis transportation and delivery are also vague. Cannabis technology ensures the most effective and obedient routes are taken for customer delivery. This also includes cannabis farmers and licensed producers who have to deliver their products to cannabis dispensaries.

user interfaces for cannabis consumers

One of the more prominent styles of cannabis tech in action can be found via websites of businesses within the industry. Most modern forms of businesses within the cannabis industry have implemented some form of a web presence for their business. Furthermore, some cannabis businesses have applied the ability to purchase cannabis online from their website. 

There are also cannabis delivery apps available for patients in a handful of states. The application and cannabis menus provide patients with an in-depth look into their cannabis product of choice. Cannabis menus have been implemented not on the price but a detailed outline of the cannabis available for sale. This includes genealogy, cannabinoid specifications, reviews, and more. 2020 has required many of us to perform social distancing. However, cannabis-friendly user interfaces via cannabis technology make obtaining cannabis and cannabis-related products a breeze in such turbulent times.

The future of cannatech

As briefly mentioned earlier, cannabis technology appears in a multitude of facets within the cannabis industry. From the germination of cannabis seed to the consumption of cannabis buds and cannabis concentrates by patients, cannabis technology is directly involved in the advancement of the cannabis industry. Additionally, cannatech will continue to grow in importance as technology improves over time. We have already reached a point in the cannabis industry that allows cannabis delivery services thanks to cannabis technology. There is a strong chance that drones could be delivering cannabis and cannabis-related projects to patients as drone delivery becomes modernized within the next decade. Factors such as these will yield new forms of cannabis technology that will improve customer service, patient relations, and the overall success of the cannabis industry. 

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