Five Strains to Smoke Before Squid Game

We are willing to bet that at this point into October, you have heard of Squid Game. The Netflix hit has become the most-streamed show in the history of the platform. Keeping things spoiler-free, here are five strains recommended before taking place in many rounds of the Squid Game.

Zombie Hush

Squid Game is a Korean Drama that has taken the world by storm in a matter of 28 days. Zombie Hush seems so fitting for a parlay of challenges presented in the ‘Squid Games.’ Zombie Hush is an Indica-dominant strain of bud. Regarding the metrics, this bud brings in about 90% Indica and 10% Sativa. Upon review, Zombie Hush’s Cannabis Indica culture is obvious. This strain is loaded in hues of violet and indigo, featuring green notes. Sounds real zombie-like, huh? Zombie Hush is a breed of Blackberry and OG Kush. The scent of Zombie Hush is also comparable to that of its family. Consumers believe Zombie Hush has a berry scent and taste with gas undertones. Consider smoking some Zombie Hush before you become a zombie in the Squid Game.

Kali Mist

Another strain worth your time before the ‘Squid Games’ is the mysterious Kali Mist. This strain of bud is of obscure origin. However, researchers believe it to be out of California in the 1990s. Kali Mist is a mostly sativa strain that was designed by fusing two unknown sativa-heavy strains. Although the roots of this sativa are muddled, its benefits are known. Thanks to its cerebral effects, Kali Mist can provide a boost of creativity. This seems mad mysterious and helpful, like a few constants from the Squid Game. The light and frosty appearance of Kali Mist is paired with sweet, lemon-like, and earthy undertones. Contemplate this sativa the next time you need the Squid Game presents a challenge you need to think outside the box.

Player 420 from Squid Game.

Butter OG

I know what you’re thinking: ‘What makes Butter OG a good strain for the Squid Game?’ We’ll get to that. This strain is a product of two somewhat unknown strains. The strain birth is an Indica-dominant Butter OG. When considering this strain, Butter OG is remarkably vibrant. This relaxing strain is glazed in sugary trichomes and nearly impenetrable amber hairs. The fragrance of Butter OG is accurately what most contestants might think: very buttery. Aside from its recognizable scent, Butter OG also hosts fruity and sharp notes. The anti-anxiety effects of Butter OG make it a great strain to smoke before games like ‘red light, green light.’

‘U.S.’ Kush

Another strain perfect for smoking prior to the ‘Squid Games’ is American Kush. Sometimes called ‘U.S. Kush,’ this strain is a union of Bubba Kush ‘98 and the infamous Sin City Kush. The outcome is a crossbred strain of cannabis hosted a 70-30 division, with Cannabis Indica winning the tug of war. This will come in handy when contestants need a steady hand for Round 2. The taste is also worth the smoker’s time. Consumers believe profiles can be spicy, sour, diesel, and pine-like. This strain has about 19% THC per nugget.

Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze, this cannabis sativa strain is great for invoking creativity. Amnesia Haze has quite an extensive lineage, hailing from strains such as Thai, Hawaiian, Jamaican, and Cambodian. With all of these sativa-dominant birthing Amnesia Haze, this bud can be very helpful. The flavor profile of Amnesia Haze is also worth pointing out. This sativa-heavy strain of bud entertains a very lime, sweet, natural flavor. Additionally, Amnesia Haze won’t cloud your judgment. We can’t say the same about some of the contestants in the Squid Game.

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