Happy Croptober!

It is the most magnificent time of the year: harvest season. All across the land, cannabis cultivators are collecting their harvest. Cannabis flowering has developed, and many cannabis buds are beginning to be dried and manicured. The shares of terpenes that are formed during the Autumn and Christmastime months are unequaled. Millions of tons of cannabis will be milled all October long.

What is Croptober?

Croptober is the phrase given to the cannabis reaping season. Cannabis plants surviving and thriving through various stages of adulthood, presenting an engaging as well as bountiful yield. Due to social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, and Instagram, Croptober has taken on an entity of its own. Numerous cannabis cultivators have taken to their workstations and cell phones to showcase their laborious time cultivating. Symbolically, Croptober is about realizing patience, care, tenderness, and persistence; All of these conditions are essential for growing and sustaining healthy, happy, and profitable cannabis.

Jerry Munn, Cannabis Cultivator of the First Cut Farms located in Mendocino Cty., California, believes that Croptober is “smoking joints of fresh, sticky, resinous flowers and having resin stuck to our fingers and noses.” Moreover, Munn says, “The smells and flavors of new hybrids are at their peak and bring on a whole new terpene experience. It’s a month of aromatherapy. The terpenes are healing, beneficial, and refreshing to one’s spirit and soul.”

Flowering cannabis amongst Croptober

Cannabis develops a yearly plant, stemming from a unique seed into a 15-foot-tall tree, all in ten months. This makes cannabis ready for the party come Croptober, considering the cultivation began early in the year. Additionally, as the days of the seasons before come to an end, it will trigger the creation of lacquered flower buds within the cannabis plant. Despite some cannabis growers producing males for cross-breeding designs, only female cannabis plants provide the cannabis we have come to expect and enjoy. Moreover, unfertilized female cannabis is recognized as the most dominant of the species. These forms of buds yield up to an unbelievable amount of 29% THC. The cannabinoids THC, CBD, and additional cannabinoids discovered in the buds come with a fusion of essential oils and fragrances known as terpenes that help make the strain’s recognized effects.

Croptober and additional types of cannabis

The bud industry in the USA produces nearly 6,000 metric tons of cannabis every year. Croptober does not just insinuate that the common cannabis flowers are the only champions throughout harvest time. Croptober is also wonderful news for patients who fancy concentrates and extracts like terpenes, live resin, and vape cartridges. This is unmistakably due to the plethora of cannabis buds. Cannabis growers more than likely have perpetually indicated how much of the brand-new harvest will be transformed into concentrates. Most of these cannabis concentrates do not take nearly as long to create once the proper amount of buds are ready. Most cannabis concentrates can be safely made on the same day with the necessary amount of cannabis and cannabinoids. In theory, this also indicates the amount decreases for cannabis concentrates such as shatter and wax during Croptober.

The numbers on Croptober

Croptober does not simply mean new, powerful cannabis but abundant cannabis. As mentioned earlier, millions of tons of fresh cannabis are embraced annually. Fiscally, this means with every Croptober, the price of cannabis decreases. The progressive surplus of bud anticipated by Christmastime enables companies to provide cannabis at a lower premium than usual during the year. During Croptober, patients experience a price drop upwards of 60% in select markets. Croptober is not only suitable for cannabis cultivators; it is also fantastic for consumers!

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