Luxembourg Becomes the First Country to Legalize Cannabis in Europe

Adults in Luxembourg will be allowed to cultivate up to four cannabis plants in their dwellings or gardens under legislation that will make it the first country in Europe to legalize the cultivation and consumption of cannabis.

The publication last week by Luxembourg’s administration was said to provide elemental changes in the country’s recreational cannabis usage and cultivation strategy. This comes after the failure of cannabis prohibition in Europe. Under the law, adults aged 18 and over will legally cultivate up to four cannabis plants per household for non-commercial use.

Trade-in seeds will also be sanctioned without any limitations on the number or potency level of Tetrahydrocannabinol (or THC), the primary psychoactive piece of cannabis. The European government stated it would be plausible to buy cannabis seeds in shops, import them, or buy the cannabis seeds online.

The intention is to allow for the domestic cultivation of seeds for non-personal purposes. Still, plans for both a national cultivation chain and state-regulated administration have been delayed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Minister of Justice Sam Tamson explained the change to the domestic production and consumption legislation as the initial step.

‘[Our office] thought we had to [intervene], we have a budding concern regarding drugs, and cannabis is the drug that is used the most and is a large [portion] of the [black] market,” Tamson stated.

‘We want to [begin] by allowing people to grow [cultivate] cannabis at home. The idea here is that a consumer is not in an irregular circumstance if he or she consumes bud. We don’t support the illegal movement from cultivation to transportation to merchandising, where many suffering can be found. The government want to do everything in our power an to get more and more distant from the forbidden black market in Europe”e

The European government stated it would be possible to buy cannabis seeds in shops, import cannabis seeds, or buy cannabis seeds online.

Justice minister Sam Tamson described the law on domestic production and consumption as a first step. Tamson believes in the new legislation on recreational cannabis in Europe to deter consumers from the cannabis black market in Europe.

For cannabis cultivators at home, the place of cultivation of their four plants will be restricted to the commonplace of residence. This means cannabis can be grown legally indoors or outdoors, on a balcony or garden.

A legal ban on the consumption and transportation of cannabis or cannabis-designed products in public will be sustained, and trade-in cannabis or cannabis products apart from seeds, whether gratis or commercial purposes, remains illegal.

Nevertheless, under bending the law, the consumption and transportation of a quantity of up to 3 grams will no longer be deemed a criminal offense but classified as a misdemeanor.

Penalties would be reduced to as small as $35 for possession of cannabis under 3 grams. This is a drastic change in the fines associated with the offenses as mentioned above. Anything above the amount listed earlier is not considered protected by the new cannabis law in Europe. The government believes that any amount above three grams will warrant distribution of cannabis charges. Nothing changes for those transporting cannabis. The move is the initial step of a more organic regulation of Luxembourg’s handling of cannabis created to keep consumers away from the cannabis black market in Europe.

A state-controlled composition and delivery system is planned to secure product quality with proceeds from cannabis sales invested in the prevention and education of cannabis. This portion of the European law is eerily similar to the MORE Act of the United States. Fixing the damage done by misinformation and indoctrination is just as important as clearing the outdated cannabis laws.

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