Smokeless Methods of Consuming Cannabis

Smoking cannabis is played out. These days, patients consume cannabis without smoking. Thanks to the advancements in the industry, patients can receive the desired cannabinoids and terpenes without a lighter. Here’s what you need to know:


First up of the alternatives to smoking cannabis is undoubtedly the most common way of consuming bud without smoking. Since the passing of medicinal and recreational cannabis laws, vaping has been the talk of the town. Vaping is the action of melting cannabinoids such as THC or CBD with the help of vape cartridges (or ‘carts’) to an intense temperature via the use of an atomizer.


Another alternative to smoking cannabis is edibles. These are goods elegantly made in such a manner that is designed to provide the effects of THC or CBD. Edibles are composed in an assortment of styles. They are frequently made with the aid of THC-infused fats such as butter and natural oils. These days, there is a litany of edibles available on the market. Some companies create five-star cuisines infused with cannabinoids like CBD and THC. There are even businesses that provide cannabis-infused catering. Imagine serving edibles at your wedding or funeral. Edibles make the possibilities of smokeless cannabis endless.


Cannabis topicals are cosmetics like lotions, moisturizers, or other skin-friendly applications that have been infused with cannabis extracts like THC or CBD. Topicals can come in the style of hemp lotion, CBD creams, cannabinoid salves, or even moisturizers imbued with exclusive terpenes to produce a fragrance comparable to that of loud Lemon Kush or the piney and gassy Granddaddy Purple. Investigators have been producing cannabis topicals for many years. Before creating CBD-infused salves and lotions, hemp was often instilled into similar products. This is likely due to the early legitimacy and investigation connected to the benefits of hemp in early American history.


A tincture is a cannabinoid-instilled solution that is administered by mouth on or below the tongue. One of the most ordinarily known tinctures is known as Green Dragon. The Green Dragon tincture is composed of cannabinoids like THC or CBD and a high-proof solvent like grain alcohol (Everclear.) By fusing cannabis with a high-proof solvent, cannabinoids can dissolve into the enzyme without squandering any potency. Furthermore, the brand-new solution is infused with drinks or administered in a microdose fashion with the help of a droplet. Many tinctures can be bought at dispensaries.

Transdermal patches

Transdermal Patches are very similar to cannabis salves and topicals. However, transdermal patches are unique in their way. Transdermal patches regularly appear as cessation patches; they are usually square or uniform in shape and can imitate a large band-aid. Transdermal patches are crafted to give the body a fixed amount of cannabinoids over a designated time. These cannabinoids can range from THC to many others. However, transdermal patches are frequently instilled with non-psychoactive CBD. Furthermore, cannabis creams are more convenient than transdermal patches. This is likely due to the designated nature in which transdermal patches were invented to be used. Cannabis lotions such as hemp cream and CBD balm were created for patients who suffer from pain, restlessness, muscle contractions, and other infirmities. 

More alternatives to smoking cannabis

In extension to edibles, vape carts, creams, and alcohol-pressed tinctures, there is an assortment of alternatives to smoking buds. Businesses have created alternatives such as patches, CBD balms, hemp creams, THC-imbued coffee, tea, capsules, beer, lotions, and more. With the progress of cannabis experimentation, more choices will proceed to be made. If you are interested in discovering more about the possibilities of smokeless cannabis, then ask a budtender at your friendly neighborhood dispensary. 

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