Five Strains to Enjoy this Halloween

Fall is a season adored by many for a slew of reasons. From hayrides to warm apple cider, Autumn is a beloved season different from the remaining season. Like all seasons, Fall has its ‘known’ holiday. Aside from Thanksgiving, everyone knows Fall for Halloween.

Diamond Dust

First on our list of cannabis strains worth your time this Halloween is Diamond Dust. This strain of cannabis is a product of Sour Bubble and Matrix 2. The yield is that of a Cannabis Sativa-heavy fusion. Nevertheless, some patients believe the precise lineage to be Sour Bubble and Double Dream. One thing is assured: Diamond Dust is a heavy strain of cannabis. The typical THC ratio is roughly 29.8% per gram. Upon review of a bud of this trick-or-treat, patients will be greeted with a light viridian bud lightly flared in sticky trichomes. Reddish and tan hairs are also present on Diamond Dust. Further, the scent of Diamond Dust hosts an earthy smell with a blast of fresh strawberries. If you are in search of a strain of cannabis that compliments your Halloween weekend, Diamond Dust is the bud to trust.

Pure Haze

Pure Haze is a heavy and alluring strain of cannabis that deserves a place in your trick-or-treat bag. Pure Haze is a fusion of Super Silver Haze and Jack Herer. The product is that of a pure Cannabis Sativa strain. When identifying Pure Haze, the dense greens combine subtly with the nice layer of trichomes. The red hairs also look as feral as the werewolves and skeletons you’ll experience this Halloween. This strain of cannabis brings about 28% THC to the Halloween party.

Mother’s Milk

Mother’s Milk is an extra strain of cannabis that renders time well spent this Halloween. This strain of cannabis is a product of Nepali OG and Appalachia. What we are given is a Cannabis Sativa-strong hybrid with a lovely appearance. Upon visual examination, Mother’s Milk is remarkably coated in sugary trichomes; the surface is almost ghost-like. The title ‘Mother’s Milk’ also indicates the taste as well as the scent of the strain of cannabis. Patients have spotted signs of sweet vanilla paired with pine-like hints. This strain of cannabis ranges a respectable 26% THC. Mother’s Milk is a spectral treat that will surely be all the rage at your Halloween party.

Chem ‘91

Chem ‘91 is another strain that provides a spooky experience. When taking a closer look at this strain of cannabis, the buds are fiercely layered in sugar; This gives the cannabis an almost ghostly appearance. The taste of this Cannabis Sativa hybrid is also a beloved stable in cannabis culture. Patients are met with a diesel-centric fragrance as well as a lime-like and herbal flavor. Cana-snobs also pointed out a peppery taste when smoking Chem ‘91. This is due to the terpene Caryophyllene being present in this strain of cannabis—Chem ‘91 clocks in at an amazing 30% THC per bud. Chem ‘91 is a strain of cannabis worth trying this Halloween.

WiFi 43

WiFi 43 is an offshoot of White Fire OG. WiFi 43 is quite the renowned competitor in the medicinal community. The forefathers of this strain of cannabis (White Fire OG) are Fire OG, and a barely-reviewed strain referred to as ‘The White.’ The characteristics of WiFi 43 host nice hues of green that look entirely dipped in white trichomes. The scent, as well as the flavor, is also praised in the cannabis industry. WiFi 43 hosts notes of lime, pine, and mint. This strain of cannabis ranges from 22% to a spooky 28% THC per bud. Be sure to connect to WiFi 43 to experience an absolute holiday horror this Halloween.

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