Which Form of Cannabis Consumption Smells the Worst?


Vaping is the act of burning up cannabinoids such as THC, THCV, CBG, or CBD in the style of cartridges, also referred to as ‘carts’ to a ridiculously high temperature by the use of an atomizer connected to a battery. Vaping requires an intense amount of heat. Naturally, the hotter the heat required, the smellier it is going to get. At one point in time, many consumers that vaporizers ridded their dorms and mom’s basements of the traditional cannabis smell. That is somewhat true. However, high-heat vaping is often compared to burnt popcorn, which smells terrible.


These are consumables that are crafted in a gentle fashion that are outlined to provide the psychoactive effects of THC, THCA,  and the non-psychoactive CBD and CBN. Edibles are made in a litany of ways. They are typically made with the help of THC-infused fats such as butter and organic oils. There is a multitude of edibles on the market. These include candy bars, gummy candy, and so many more. There are cannabis companies that craft five-star meals that have been infused with your preferred cannabinoids. With all of that in mind, edible can smell delightful or horrid, depending on what your cannabis chef is cooking. Cakes and gummies? Those probably smell delightful. An infused dish with cumin and durian probably smells atrocious. However, we bet that any edible gets the job done.


Cannabis topicals are creams, lotions, or similar items that have been infused with cannabis compounds extracted from, well, cannabis. These lotions can come in the form of hemp balms, CBD salves, cannabinoid balms or even moisturizers infused with unique cannabis terpenes to provide a scent similar to that of loud Lemon Kush or the pine-like and floral Jamaican Dream. Cannabis nerds have been producing cannabis lotions for a number of years. Prior to creating CBD-infused salves and balms, hemp was often infused into these products. This is likely due to the early legitimacy as well as research connected with the benefits and durability of hemp. With all of that in mind, cannabis topical probably smells the best of the group. Think about it: non-infused lotions are not designed to smell unattractive. Ever. Naturally, cannabis-infused products want to stick close to the product it often emulates (i.e., edibles.) 


A tincture is a compound-infused liquid that is administered orally onto or sublingually (under the tongue.) One of the most known types of tinctures is known by the name Green Dragon. Green Dragon tincture is made with THC, CBD, or any cannabinoids and usually with a high-proof solvent such as grain alcohol such as the membrane-melting Everclear. When combining cannabis with a high-proof solvent, cannabinoids are dissolved into the solution without losing any of their strength. Additionally, the new solution can be infused with beverages or administered in a microdose style with the help of a droplet. So what do tinctures smell like? Most tinctures reek of alcohol and terpenes with more of the former. Tinctures don’t really smell all that delightful if you ask me.

Transdermal Patches

Transdermal Patches are very similar to cannabis topicals but complex in their own unique manner. Transdermal patches usually appear like stop smoking patches; they are frequently square or uniform in design and can mimic that of an oversized bandage. These patches are designed to provide the human body with a fixed amount of cannabinoids over a fixed period of time. These cannabinoids can come in the form of THC. However, most transdermal patches are often infused with non-psychoactive CBD. Furthermore, cannabis topicals are more convenient than transdermal patches. Patches have the least amount of smell of all.

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