Why Loyalty Programs Work for Cannabis Dispensaries

Federal cannabis prohibition is on its way out; Many states are ‘going green’ regarding cannabis. Naturally, this has given rise to a volley of new cannabis labels, commodities, and legal enterprises almost every day. As cannabis legalization continues to cloak the country in Sativa leaves, it’s becoming significantly crucial for cannabis dispensary owners to create tangible practices for obtaining new consumers — and, most important of all: RETAINING customers.

Cannabis loyalty programs are some of the most satisfactory dispensary commerce practices to achieve the aforementioned goal of acquisition and retention.

A dependable loyalty program gratifies repeat clients by providing loyal customers with unique discounts, promotions, and (maybe most appealing incentives when they frequent your cannabis dispensary. It’s a proven method for both patron acquisition and retention. The more pleasing the promos, bargains, and encouragements, the more your customers will desire to pop in and shop at your cannabis dispensary. A loyalty program also increases the brand awareness and transactions your cannabis dispensary experiences as a development. 

A study sourced by marketing nerds discovered that customers that continue to support your brand over time would spend approximately 69% (nice) more than new or single-time patrons.

Despite this, many people still ponder what makes for an adequate cannabis dispensary loyalty program? How can companies use these cannabis marketing techniques to commune with their customers and ramp up sales of their cannabis brands?

A cannabis dispensary operating out of Anchorage, Alaska, provides a fairly simplistic rewards program for its patrons. Do you want to know what is not so common? When prospective customers register in the aforementioned rewards program, they include a pre-rolled joint for the nifty price of a single greenback.

With the extreme amount of brand transmissions and unwanted email clogging up inboxes every day, a lot of people just aren’t inclined to provide their email to join a rewards program. However, if you give them an inexpensive pre-roll? Almost instantly: patrons are more than pleased to provide their information. Once dispensaries acquire that information, they can continue to construct a relationship with their customers and bring them into your store. This form of customer magnetization is used in industries everywhere, including cannabis.

Another dispensary located in Denver, Colorado, provides a slew of advantages via its rewards program. However, innovation is a driving and necessary force in marketing and customer retention. This cannabis dispensary utilizes a “Word of the day” promotion. Magnetized members can take it a step further by signing up for text message updates, and each day, they’ll get an SMS alert regarding the cannabis dispensary’s daily promo.

The idea here is that By providing loyalty bargains and promotions that vary on a daily basis, you incentivize patrons to buy cannabis more frequently. When patrons catch wind of a great promotion, they realize they need to seize the edge of it NOW NOW NOW and will sprint to your cannabis dispensary as fast as an Olympian sprinter. Sha’carri Ridarchson style.

Birthdays have always been the most relatable reason to celebrate amongst humans since the beginning of time. A few cannabis dispensaries ensure their loyalty program constituents have everything they need for their day of self, thanks to a complimentary gift bestowed to them on their (actual) birthday.

Birthday promotions are a typical style of marketing medium associated with loyalty programs. They are simply about building rapport with patrons. Providing a complimentary birthday gift is a unique way to reinforce that customer-dispensary relationship and shroud your customers you care. Plus, it’s a great way to make sure your patrons buy cannabis on their actual birthday!

These are just a few ways loyalty programs can ramp up your business tenfold. 

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