Magic Mushroom Bill in California has a “50/50” Chance of Passing

California Senator Scott Wiener (D) has a handful of large-scale plans for drug law reform in 2022—and the hilariously-named Senator of California tells a famous cannabis multimedia news source that he believes there’s a “50/50” possibility that his measure to legalize psychedelics (magic mushrooms, psilocybin, etc.) ownership will get to the governor’s tabletop.

The Senator of California put a halt on that measure back in 2020 after it was championed through the Senate and began to advance through the General Assembly, and he’s utilized ample time to ramp up support for the magic mushroom reform and guarantee that the bill is something that could enact the comprehensive legislature. During this time, he anticipates a committee hearing on a different harm reduction measure coming up in the middle of January of this year.

In a phone interview at the beginning of the year, Wiener spoke to a famous cannabis multimedia news source about his 2022 drug reform plans.

He stated that in the time since he decided to temporarily pump the breaks on his psilocybin measure—which would vacate criminal offenses for owning substances like magic mushroom, DMT, Molly, and LSD-A for adults 21 and older—”the emphasis has been our team, our vets who have been lobbying and campaigning around the measure.”

“They’re linking with Assembly members to create more help,” he expressed. “That’s really what is going on right now.”

California is known as a state that’s friendly to progressive drug law reforms—having been the first state to allow medicinal cannabis nearly 25 years ago—and Senator Wiener believes the chances that the magic mushroom measure goes through the CA legislature are “roughly  50/50” at this time.

Governor Gavin Newsom (D-CA) has long condemned criminalization-focused drug policies and led the assault to legalize adult-use weed in California in 2016. However, his cabinet has not yet provided “any gesture” of where the Governor stands on Wiener’s measure the senator expressed. It took us everything not to laugh just now.

There’s been some apprehension within the psilocybin advocacy society over the measure, which was ratified to include ownerships limits and remove Special K, or Ketamine, from the list of drugs that would no longer be illegal.

Wiener said that “it’s too soon to say” whether additional changes will be annexed. “That part will take place in July or early this summer,” he stated.

Weiner also expressed that he comprehends the resentment from magic mushroom advocates over ownership limits that were appended to the measure, and his “choice would have been not to have ownership limits” whatsoever. Despite this, the political waltz was adding those ownership limits would ramp up the bill’s chances of enacting, and he feels they’re “very convincing.”

Senator Wiener also has distinct legislation up for a committee review later this week that would sanction safe consumption areas in California where people could utilize currently unlawful drugs in a medicinally-supervised area in which they could also accumulate entry to treatment aids. That measure passed the Senate last spring, but it was halted due to COVID-19.

It’s an extremely timely policy recommendation, as New York City became the first U.S. municipality to permit such areas back in December and Rhode Island’s administration signed into regulation similar laws approving the takeoff of initial sites in 2021 as well. Magic mushroom advocates anticipate witnessing how the Justice Department via the Biden cabinet approaches the harm reduction sites, as they’re due to reply in a case on the issue later this Summer after the Trump-led DOJ sued to bar a Philadelphia nonprofit from delivering the aforementioned services.

Expect Stickyleaf to keep you up-to-date as the story develops.

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