What Factors Affect My High?

In 2022, more people will consume marijuana than ever before. Despite this, a large percentage of those consumers don’t understand what helps and hinders the psychoactivity of marijuana. In short, we here at Stickyleaf have honed in on five factors: dosage, method, tolerance, setting, and chemical makeup of the selected marijuana. So let’s delve into the specifics.


The primary and, quite frankly, the most significant factor that affects your experience is your tolerance. Tolerance is a medical term that refers to the minimum required amount of medication consumption (i.e., marijuana) that can successfully pass the threshold to be notably experienced by the body. In Layman’s terms, tolerance refers to how much your body can take of a substance. For example, some individuals are buzzed after two beers, and some are trashed after two beers. This is due to their tolerance. Refraining from a substance will lower tolerance, while constant indulgence will increase tolerance. This is why the first time you smoked marijuana. You were astronomically experienced versus the joint you are smoking while reading this.


Dosage is another important factor that significantly affects your marijuana experience. Across popular methods of consuming marijuana, the dosage is often measured in grams. In conjunction with your tolerance, dosage represents how much marijuana will be consumed during the session. This could be a joint (roughly about ½ of a gram) or a Backwood that has been stuffed to the brim (3.5 grams). Additionally, if you are not the only person indulging in the dosed amount of marijuana, a bit of math will be required to identify your personal dosage. Splitting a joint with another individual is quite different than sharing a cigar packed with marijuana. In conjunction with your tolerance, the dose amount could blow your mind or do nothing for your marijuana experience whatsoever.


Another critical factor that can significantly affect your marijuana intake experience is the setting. The environment and ambiance is a factor that could make or break your experience. Cannabis consumers who used to smoke in their mom’s basement now have their own Diggs for smoking marijuana wherever and whenever know that this is tantamount. The environment can bring on adverse side effects associated with marijuana, such as paranoia and even psychosis in a select few. Conversely, the set & setting can provide consumers with a relaxing experience and feeling of warmth. Remember: the framing is just as necessary as the portrait itself.


Another key factor that can affect your experience is how you choose to indulge. There are countless methods of consuming marijuana, ranging from smoking, edibles, tinctures, vaping, lotions, and even suppositories. It is also known that some ways are more potent than others. For example, consuming edibles are more concentrated and everlasting than smoking. Concentrates such as dabs and shatter are stronger than smoking and edibles. Therefore, the method you choose for consuming marijuana can make or break your experience.


The last factor that can significantly affect your marijuana experience is the profile of terpenes within your marijuana. Terpenes are the essential oils of marijuana. These oils produced throughout the buds substantially affect its aroma and medicating properties. There are a handful of known terpenes. Some of the famous terpenes are Limonene, Pinene, and Mycerene. These terpenes also give marijuana those effects often associated with sativa or indica strains. Terpenes can affect mood, creativity, energy level, appetite, and more. Understanding the terpene profile of your marijuana can provide you with the insight needed to determine the experience of your buds.

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