Strains Worth Your Time this Valentine’s Day

February is tomorrow. So, you know what that means: Rent is due! Seriously though, February is celebrated for a variety of reasons. The reason we are focusing on today is Valentine’s Day. The COVID-19 pandemic has, for lack of a better term, has made people uninterested in lovey-dovey things. This year, however, is different. People are getting back in the field just in time for V-Day 2022! Here are a few strains of cannabis worth enjoying with your partner, friend, love interest, etc. this Valentine’s Day


Strawberry is a Sativa weed strain rooted in (pun intended) the Netherlands. This strain of weed provides effects that are euphoric and sedating. This strain of cannabis is ideal for partners interested in getting animated for Valentine’s Day. Thanks to its anxiety-relieving qualities, Strawberry is a favored selection for those prone to sexual shyness (i.e., erectile dysfunction). Therapeutic cannabis patients prefer strawberries for reducing physical and cognitive anxiety linked to sex. Cannabis cultivators say this strain of weed thrives indoors and outdoors. The flavors linked to Strawberry are also intriguing. Can you guess what this strain of bud tastes like? That’s right! Limes. We’re kidding.

Blue Nina

Blue Nina is another strain of weed that partners ought to seek out this Valentine’s Day. This strain of bud is a derivative of the Colorado Seed company. This sativa-led fusion of cannabis is a hybrid (obviously) of Blue Dream and Nina Limone. Blue Nina offers overwhelming effects and complex flavors. This bud strain has evolved into Haze and Blueberry phenotypes. Both are dusted in dense, sticky trichomes and vibrant amber hairs. Spark up this strain of bud when it is time to do the do with your partner this V-Day.

Rose Bud

Rose Bud, a strain of weed cultivated by the illustrious Royal Choice Farms, is a Cannabis Indica-led strain. Rose Bud holds an engulfing floral aroma. Rose Bud presents consumers a cushy high with a friendly mental float, known for its gassy rose bouquet and dense nodes. This strain of bud’s hybrid nature makes it ideal for pre- and post- physical activity if you know what we mean.

Dutch Crunch

This strain of weed is a one-of-a-kind combination closing the divide between the Netherlands and the United States of America. This spectacular fragrant strain of bud is created by linking Jack Herer with Dutch Treat. The yield is a compelling fusion strain of cannabis loaded with dazzling genetics. Dutch Crunch is an uplifting fusion that may help with migraines, stress, and more. It is also a perfect strain for the bedroom.

Grape Calyx

This strain of gas, made by growers of a matching name, is a bud strain with deep roots (pun intended) in roughly six congenital parents. Calyx Garden has been breeding this strain of cannabis since mid-2011. Additionally, Calyx Garden began by fusing Durban Poison and Master Kush. The result was then-hybrid with SFV OG, which was then paired with the popular Platinum Girl Scout Cookies. The final result is a strain of cannabis simply referred to as ‘Suicidal girl.’ iThis strain was then paired with the super-rare Purple Pineapple to develop a strain of weed bursting with indigo calyxes. It is almost like this strain is virtually a cluster of grapes glazed with sticky trichomes. Grape Calyx is the perfect strain for couples looking to have fun this Valentine’s Day.

Glad Max

The final strain of weed, Glad Max, cultivated by the senior cultivators at Monarch Wellness in arid Arizona, is a one-off of the retro Sativa-heavy Caramelicious. This strain of cannabis is a high-THC fusion strain of weed renowned for its long-lasting effects that bump up the mood while soothing the physical body.

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